Why Are Guys With Tattoos So Sexy?

We asked Scandalous! readers why guys with tattoos were so, well, fuckable!? Here are some of the answers we got!

♀ Finding out a guy has tattoos is like discovering he has a BIG cock!

♀  Tattoos are like maps on the body: you have built-in areas to kiss and play with when you have sex.

♀ A hot guy who can express himself is so hot. And when he can express himself through tattoos it’s always great. Unless the tattoos are dumb, then everything’s just the worst.


♀ Tattoos aren’t just for hipsterified guys, if that’s what you’re thinking. You can so be a hot guy with tats and be super clean cut and straight edge. Tattoos give everyone a little extra spice. But your secret tattoos that nobody knows about are your deepest, closest held secret, something you only reveal when you’re good and ready.


♀  Because seeing shirtless hot guys wearing only pants is a reason to wake up in the morning.

♀  Tattoos are always conversation pieces. You can find out about his personality, or ask him about the significance of his tattoos. This makes it super easy to flirt with him, because if you don’t know what else to say you can always just ask about his body art. He’s proud of it, so he’ll definitely talk to you.