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To get them in the mood or during the heat of the moment, how do YOU talk dirty to your lovers?  Scandalouswomen wants to hear it!  Give us your best smooth romantic routine or your dirtiest porn star imitation at (404) 941-4739!

There’s no better way to get your lovers in bed than seductively describing in graphic detail what you want to do with them. And in the complete throes of passion, people will verbalize some of the kinkiest, nastiest phrases known. So What’s your style?  Practice, the show us, and we’ll publish the best ones (up to three minutes) on

Call (404) 941-4739 NOW! It’s totally anonymous!
Long distance charges may apply.

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With political activists as parents, Stephanie learned gender politics at an early age and embraced stiletto feminism in high school. As a marketing professional, she’s written for a variety of publications. She founded to be a voice for the sex-positive alpha female.