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Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Yourz Truly Pays Respect to Pretty Girlz

A tribute to the women who rocked his world from the dance floor.

Masterlinx Produces Hot Variety

Producer/Arranger/Artist works unleashes a fusion of dance pop hiphop reggae

Afganistan's First Female Rapper Defies Conservative Culture

Soosan Firooz raps about female empowerment and political activism in a country ruled by religious extremism

Jasmin Dolly – Call Her JD

A hot mess of electronica and dubstep performed with brash stiletto attitude and raw sexual aggression.

Figaro's "Your Loss" is Your Gain!

Reggae artist poised to hit soon

Dusty Fungus = Infectious Tunes

Each track on the EP is a special concoction of sounds and moods

J'aime brings the 420 to pop

Sex, drugs and girl-power flow in party-pop tunes

Greendragonfly is skillfully crafted fun

extolling a sense of 'girl power' in their music

Goth Rockers with a message

Dark and brooding comes to many people's minds when they hear the word 'goth,' and too often those in that lifestyle are more than...

Enter Randy Ichinose and Brostep!

When it comes to music, most people know what they like. We're not overly concerned with genres and sub-genres and labels and such. As...
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