Superman cuckolded? Who's sexting? And more…

So apparently the comic book world is buzzing with news DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) are getting completely redone with new costumes and back stories. What I hear is ace reporters Lois and Clark aren’t a couple in this new version of Superman  so Lois doesn’t know Clark is really Superman. So when Clark arrives at Lois’s apartment unannounced, he’s surprised to catch her doing the nasty with some random shirtless Adonis – “celebrating” a big story she’d covered. Clark looks a little disappointed in Lois…  but we always knew Lois was freaky.  😉

Study: More women than men are sexting

A study, “Let My Fingers Do the Talking: Sexting and Infidelity in Cyberspace,” by Dr. Diane Kholos Wysocki found that women are more likely to punch their own buttons — on a cell phone, that is. The study  showed roughly two-thirds of the women surveyed were more likely to send sexually explicit text messages than the men surveyed; sexting was more likely among those surveyed who were aged 19-24. Yet, women were also less likely to be anxious and less cautious than men about erasing their naughty texts. Read more here.

Power and Infidelity: Just for men?

SC Gov. Nikki Haley is rumored to be quite scandalous!

Bonnie Marcus writes, “Over the years, we have learned of and perhaps been “overexposed” to many sex scandals involving politicians and celebrities; in short, people with power. Recently, even more stories of bad behavior by politicians such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner, and John Edwards have hit the media and grabbed our attention.

What is of particular interest to me is that these scandals all involve powerful men. We don’t hear too many similar tales of women acting badly. So my question is this: is this just a male issue?

My curiosity led me to some scientific studies that show that the relationship between power and sex, power and infidelity is not gender related, and the studies are fascinating.”

Joris Lammers, an assistant professor at Tilburg University recently conducted a survey that asked more than 1,000 professionals to describe whether they worked in positions of power. Then he asked whether they had ever fucked around or ever foresaw that they would get freaky with someone else other than their spouse. What he found was that the more power people have, male or female, the more likely they are to engage in infidelity. In fact, the most powerful people in the survey were 30 percent more likely to have affairs.

Want to know why, click over to the article here.

So if this is true, why do we only hear about it from men and now women (South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley not withstanding)? Kiri Blakeley believes women blab more than men– so the other women involved in affairs are eventually going to come forward and say something, the other men are much less likely to do this. Plus, you just have much less women in high powered situations– and I think most women know that the public are going to judge them VERY harshly if they are caught in a sexually compromising situation, so I think they are more aware that they could lose their job, family, status.

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  1. As we all know one of the big lies women tell ourselves (and others) is that there is a distinction between men cheating (for sex) and women cheating (for love, affection, attention etc). Both sexes cheat for a variety of reasons. Only recently can more women cheat and still maintain their lives, career, keep custody of their children and so on, where not so far back they would have been branded a harlot and lost everything.

    I think in the future more women will be exposed having affairs and remain in the public eye (a la Clinton etc) whether they claim the affair was for love and affection, or just for the love of cock.