40% of women under 30 have one-night stands on vacation

More than 40 per cent of British women under 30 have had a one-night stand on holiday, according to a new survey.

The poll, which explored the nation’s sexual habits, found that holiday-makers are more likely to have casual sex abroad than when they are at home.

And getting in touch with their adventurous side, 30 per cent said they enjoyed spending evenings fucking outdoors on the beach.

Shockingly 10 per cent of girls admitted to having five or more lovers during a week long break, with 48 per cent picking up men in nightclubs and bar.

The findings were revealed in a poll for dating website MissTravel.com, which asked its 30,000 female British members ten questions about their sexual habits during their summer holidays.

Commenting on the findings CEO Brandon Wade, said: ‘It is clear that women become much more sexually liberated when they are out of their comfort zone.

‘Once they get into their bikini or travel to an exciting new city our members’ thoughts turn to sex. This has been true for many centuries – travel is a great aphrodisiac. It shakes up your normal routine and makes everyone, not just women, much more sexually adventurous.

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‘Almost one in three of our members have had sex on a beach – this seems a very natural thing to do when you are on holiday and you have met someone exciting. But I think the same girls would be far more reluctant to have sex outdoors when they were back in Britain.’

The sexiest foreigners for British girls were Italians (33 per cent), while 40 per cent believed Greece was the romantic holiday destination.

Wade said that while the travel industry in general was struggling ‘romance tourism’ was booming. He added: ‘A lot of the big travel companies in the UK like Thomas Cook are having a tough time in the recession but there has been a renewed interest in romance tourism. Love and travel go hand in hand.’