Sumika Forbes is ‘That Girl.’

If your interest in pop music goes a few octaves higher than just passive listening, you’re probably well aware rhythmic music gets very little respect from fans of other styles of music. More than three decades after the 1979 Comiskey Park disco destruction derby where over 20,000 disco records where literally blown up by rock-n-roll fans, the word “disco” is still the negative label music snobs attach indiscriminately to anything with a dance beat. Yet this music, in all it’s incarnations, remains arguably the most influential style of music since, well, rock-in-roll. Uniquely youthful and feminine, dance music is never overly concerned with making social statements or saving the world. It’s about sex and love and fun. It seldom takes itself too seriously – unless it’s about having a seriously good time.

Sumika Forbes gets that and she proudly wears the dance/pop label.

While possibly unaware of the rich history of her genre, she nevertheless injects all of her songs with the elements that keep people listening. Infectious beats, irresistible melodies and lyrical content that people can instantly identify with drive her songs. It’s a tried and true trail that her contemporaries and inspirations – artists like Rihanna, Pink, Lady Gaga and Madonna – have blazed before her.

On her new eleven track offering, Miracle, Forbes gives us a glimpse of why she’s worthy of being in the company of the artists mentioned above. The lead-off single, Miracle, is a relentless dance floor jam. It’s a prayer of sorts in which she seeks guidance in a blossoming relationship and demonstrates an understanding of the feelings and emotions her listeners share.

Alternately, the ballad My Goodbye is the antithesis of Miracle. Beautifully produced and performed, Sumika is mourning a lost love. She’ll miss him – but not the pain.

Standout track Baby You’re A Star is reminiscent of Lady GaGa’s Edge of Glory. Sumika shows off her chops on this one. She really has a lovely voice and this one is the perfect showcase for it.

My favorite on the collection, though, is That Girl, an edgy piece about a girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be. Forbes could very well be referring to herself but she ain’t telling!

Based in Southern California by way of Maui, Hawaii, Sumika Forbes is an artist on top of her game. Check her out online here and here. Then, snag a free track below and turn it up.

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.


  1. I love “that girl!” It was my favorite for the longest time. I also really like “Audacity.” All her songs are so good.