Study: Smarter People Have More Sex, Do More Drugs And Stay Up Later

Did you ever know anyone in high school or college who partied every night and still managed to keep a high GPA? Or maybe there’s this woman you work with who comes to the office every morning with wild tales of her night before yet still completes that difficult project on time and under budget?  Well, according to Esquire magazine, British researchers recently discovered students at prestigious schools like Oxford and Cambridge spend much more time having sex, smoking weed and staying up later than their peers at less reputable institutions.

Previous studies have discovered people with higher IQs, better jobs, or degrees from top-notch universities are more likely to smoke weed or even snort a few lines here and there. Esquire says this is because these people tend to be more adventureous.

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2010 study that ran in Psychology Today also states those with an IQ of 125 or higher are exponentially more likely to use drugs. Says the study:

Net of sex, religion, religiosity, marital status, number of children, education, earnings, depression, satisfaction with life, social class at birth, mother’s education, and father’s education, British children who are more intelligent before the age of 16 are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs at age 42 than less intelligent children.

… there is a clear monotonic association between childhood general intelligence and adult consumption of psychoactive drugs.  “Very bright” individuals (with IQs above 125) are roughly three-tenths of a standard deviation more likely to consume psychoactive drugs than “very dull” individuals (with IQs below 75).

The paper goes on to say that liberals who don’t believe in God are more likely to be intelligent as well. Apparently progressive people who prefer adventure and experimentation over safety and tradition are the more intelligent beings.

So if you’re partying all night, fucking until 3AM and still getting to class or work on time? You, girl, are a genius!


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