Study: Oral Sex Curbs Female Infidelity

If he won’t, someone else will?

A new study in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology finds heterosexual men who go down on their partners do so as a “mate retention” strategy. In other words, men who eat out do so to keep the girls coming back for more and to reduce the likelihood of infidelity. If she’s happy, the study contends, she’ll stick around.

Researchers at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., surveyed hundreds of guys in committed, heterosexual relationships on their sexual habits. One goal was to test the hypotheses that men perform oral sex to promote sperm retention, since uterine contractions during female orgasm pull sperm further into the reproductive tract and, therefore, make it more likely for a pregnancy to occur. Another theory was cunnilingus deters competition from other men, women who orgasm during sex are more sexually satisfied and less likely to cheat.

The sperm retention theory did not hold (guys don’t typically go down after they fill their woman up unless you make them!), but making women happy so they don’t go to someone else for sexual bliss appears to be a driving, evolutionary reason behind guys going down. From an evolutionary perspective, cunnilingus is a means to keep their mate and make sure she won’t get pregnant by someone else.

As The Week point out, scientists at Oakland University also noted “a single hypothesis alone may not provide a complete explanation.”

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