Like a boss? Men now find ambitious and successful women incredibly attractive, effectively ending the days of the helpless “women in need” getting all the guys.

“The idea of men being intimidated by a financially independent woman no longer holds true,” said Sherri Brown, managing partner of Cali Pearl Corp.

She points to Allianz Life Insurance Company of America’s Women, Money and Power study that found more than 90 percent of men think women with good jobs and financial management skills are sexy. “Only 4 percent of the men surveyed did not agree that financially independent women were attractive,” she said.

Through her own experiences giving financial counseling, mostly to women but also to couples, she has seen this firsthand. She says her male clients reveal they love economically independent women. “When a male client told me what initially attracted him to his wife, he not only called her beautiful but also mentioned her great job, nice car and that she had her own place. He was turned on by her ability to take care of herself,” Brown said.

Many women, however, don’t acquire monetary skills until a crisis such as a divorce. “Women are not taking responsibility for their financial lives with the same gusto with which they take care of everything else in their lives,” she said.

Brown adds that when she works with married couples, “the men are often the only ones to show up for a financial planning meeting. It’s a shame that many women end up living in poverty after divorce, causing pain and suffering for themselves and for any kids they may have.”