Stori Brooks's Girl Power Hip Hop Scores

1_1272594603There’s something about female hip hop artists that are so empowering to other women. These young women are in a decidedly male-dominated industry, not playing the living breathing subjects of their male counterpart’s lyrical fantasies, but as bastions of stiletto feminist power putting men in their places.  That’s why when people think of the history of this genre, female artists quickly come to mind even though there are less of them.  People, male and female, love the prospect of strong women making their way in the world and walking over anyone who gets in their way.

But female hip hop has always had an added element of lyrical expression and meaning layered on top of the raw female sexuality.  Enter Stori Brooks, an artist with a ‘stori’ to tell. The daughter of a classically trained concert pianist, she has music in her blood. And the English degree she touts trained her to express her inner feelings with clarity and a sense of humor.  He new single, An Aside, is a prime example.

Lyrically, the song is an enigma and can be interpreted many ways. With a repetitive playful chorus of  ‘yeah we like them strippers,’ one isn’t quite sure if she’s paying homage to the recent trend of male strip clubs (Magic Mike) or if she’s embodying a female stripper and expressing the actual power they have over their male clientele.  If it’s the latter, then she wants one and all to know there is more to her than putting her body on display. She has a complex mind and vivid imagination that combines with her body for lethal affect.

Sound wise, the song reminds me a little of M.IA.’s music but Stori Brooks is definitely her own girl. You’ll want to take a listen to this one and then download it.




  1. Thank you for this! – Very nice.
    This song, is an aside– like an actor in a play watching the events around them and turning to the audience (you guys) and explaining what they see

    I wrote this while working with a DJ in a strip club, it sometimes (a lot of times) consisted of me sitting on top of the speakers in the loft section and drinking up his bar tab.

    I would look down and just watch the action and there was this one really hard worker…