Stiletto Ghetto Kicks Ass with Kickstart

stilettoWhen I was knee high to a grasshopper my mother used to play an album called Another Mutha Further by a band called Mother’s Finest. The funk-rock grooves they laid down – Baby Love, Piece of the Rock – stuck with me all through school and college long after most had forgotten them. It never crossed my mind their style would inspire a new group over 30 years after that album’s release but color me impressed.

Roaring out of San Francisco comes Stiletto Ghetto, a band that defies labels. No scratch that. They’re a band that dares you to hang a label on them. Funk, rock, metal, R&B, disco, they have it covered.

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Stiletto Ghetto was founded by Louis Raphael (drums, producer and co-writer), who envisioned an experimental, genre-defying hit machine. By employing a host of backing musicians and singers, he’s assembled a collection of originals and covers that run the table on today’s musical styles.

Listen to these songs!

Kickstart (download FREE below) is a sexy funky rocker, an instantly likable anthem for the party crowd. Dare I say it has a southern twange to it? How many songs in pop music still use Hammond organs (or keyboard facsimiles) and horn sections? With amazing female-lead vocals and boogie-lead guitar, Kickstart kicks ass! But if you’re into dance music, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From the disco/funk of Upside Down to Metallica, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin and Chaka Khan covers, Stiletto Ghetto is testament to the old radio adage ‘a hit is a hit, no matter what the style.’

Listen to these songs!

Scandalous! has some of them in their entirety streaming below. You can also swing over to their Soundcloud to hear the rest.

Download Kickstart below with our compliments.

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