Special Delivery

I used to drive a delivery van for a local dry cleaner. My regular route took me downtown to all the pricey condos and apartments in the high rent district. I loved that job, and the customers – especially one of the customers.

Aaron worked as the daytime concierge at one of the most exclusive buildings in the city. I’d been interested in him ever since the first day I’d met him. Whenever I showed up at the ultra-secure double glass doors with a handful of someone’s freshly cleaned designer garments slung over my shoulder, Aaron always buzzed me in with a big smile. His teeth were paper white, and he had blue eyes that were enticing and arresting against his dark skin. He was part Maori, originally from New Zealand, with gorgeous thick black curly hair, and his voice was pure magic. I always wondered if the body underneath the trim, navy suit he wore on the job was as sexy as his accent.

The day I remember best happened after I’d been delivering to his building for about three months. It was pouring buckets of steamy summer rain, and I had to park the van almost a block away; the boss had put his foot down on double-parking the trucks after the company’s third written summons. I snagged my barrette in a coat hanger hook and my long blonde hair must have looked like damp straw stuck to my face and shoulders by the time I got inside.

“Hey, Linda,” Aaron said in his sexy drawl after our usual exchange of friendly grins. “I got a little washroom in my office in the back. You want to dry off?”

I didn’t hesitate. “Sure! Thanks, Aaron. That would be great.”

I followed him back behind his concierge desk, through a doorway into a small, neat office suite. I shut the door behind me as he ducked into the small bathroom and came back with a white hand towel. I pulled out the dangling barrette and pushed my hair back from my face. My wet shirt was stuck to my shoulders and breasts. I saw Aaron’s blue eyes glance down and realized my nipples were hard under the thin fabric. His skin was too dark to show a blush, but I could hear it in his voice. “Here’s your towel, Madam.” He held it out at arm’s length, as if he was afraid to get close to me.

I took the towel and laughed. “Is that how you talk to all the women in this place?”

He shrugged. “It gets me nice tips.”

“Does it ever get you anything else?”

A wary look crossed his handsome face. “I don’t know what you mean, Linda.”

I laid the towel on the desk, pulled the hem of my shirt out off my pants and went to work on the bottom button. “Man, this shirt is a dishrag. I’ll never get dry with this on.”


I stepped closer and touched his arm. “Hey, could you give me a hand? I can’t get this one unbuttoned.”

“I’m supposed to be on desk now,” he said, laughing.

“Well, you’re the one who invited me in here. The least you could do is help me get comfortable.”

He started to say something and stopped. I stuck a finger into his waistband and pulled him closer.

“Come on, Aaron. You know they’re all out at their high stress jobs during the day. When was your last coffee break?”

“Too long ago,” he said. His hands came to rest on my waist, under my shirt. They were warm on my bare, chilled skin.

I leaned my breasts against his chest and rubbed the front of his dress slacks, where a stiff bulge told me all I needed to know.

Aaron shivered and slid a hand under my shirt to capture my left breast. I kissed his throat, gave his erection a “be right back” squeeze, and undid his belt. His thumb found my nipple.

“You don’t wear a bra?” he asked sounding surprised, but in a good way.

“Not in the summertime,” I said and gasped as he stroked my nipple gently, sending tiny jolts of electricity through my body. He pushed his leg between my thighs, pressing against me. I slipped his jacket off his shoulders. He let it fall to the floor and quickly put his hands back on my breasts. 1 opened his zipper, dragged down the front of his briefs, and his cock sprang hard and hot into my hand.

Aaron moaned and kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth, hands cupping my breasts; somehow he’d unbuttoned my shirt without me noticing. I smoothed my thumb over the glistening head of his cock and he shuddered and buried his face between my heaving bosom. His hips rocked and I felt the desk touch the backs of my thighs. Then he tongued my nipple, causing me to go dizzy with desire. I pressed his head against me, whispering, “God, yes, Aaron…”

He sucked my nipple into his mouth, slapped it with his tongue, and I nearly went wild. I stroked his cock, three firm yanks, grabbed his hips, wrapped a leg around his waist and pulled him against me. “Yes, more!”

His mouth devoured my breast, released a slicked, tingling nipple and captured the other for the same treatment. 1 felt him undo my pants as he sucked hungrily. I kicked off my shoes and he drew back a moment, long enough for me to slip out of my pants. He knelt before me, shirt unbuttoned, his slacks open and cock hanging out. He gripped my thighs and pulled down my panties with his teeth. I squirmed against him as he raised my foot to strip them off. The next thing I knew, he had spread apart my legs and lips, and had poked his tongue inside my warm center. I nearly screamed! He pushed me back on the edge of the desk and rubbed and sucked me, his tongue swirling like magic through the folds of my cunt. I held his head close and his tongue settled into a rhythm of long, slow strokes over and around my clit, while I moaned low and wordlessly. I wound my fingers into his thick, black hair, and threw my legs over his broad shoulders.

Suddenly he stopped.

“Aaron, no…”

“Wait,” he said breathlessly. “Wait.” He rose and slid his cock into me fast and hard. I clutched his shoulders, pushed his shirt aside and kissed his chest. He gathered me against his body, hands cupping my buttocks, and rode me strong and steady. Every slide in made me clench harder around him, and every slide out I prayed he wouldn’t cum yet.

Not yet…

His hips rocked harder, a tight rhythm against me. His breathing was fast—so was mine—and I knew he was close. I slipped my hand between us and fingered my clit, wrapping my legs around his waist. “Not yet, Aaron, please, not yet,” as his movements got sharper still.

He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and kissed my throat. His tongue slid over my skin. I steadied my hips as he thrust deep inside, feeling the pulsing kick of his climax.

I clung to him, muffling my own scream of pleasure in his neck. He shuddered against me, pushing me hard against the desktop. I was half laughing, half crying, clenching his pumping cock with my pussy in rings of insane delight that got bigger and bigger until I though I would pass out.

Finally we sank back onto the desk. I cradled his head on my shoulder. His breath tickled my skin, but I was too spent to move. My watch alarm beeped.

“Shit,” I muttered, as Aaron groaned. “Sorry, honey, but I’ve got a delivery schedule to keep, you know.”

He was as good a man in the after¬glow as he was in the middle of the act. He stood up, pulled me to my feet and kissed me tenderly. Then we helped each other dress. He held my face between his hands and looked soberly into my eyes. “I want to see you again, Linda,” he said.

“Sure.” I smiled. “Same time next week?”

He shivered a little – sexual after-shocks – and grinned at me. “Damn right, woman. Pencil me into your busy schedule.” Of course I promised him I would…and I did.

~ Linda, Manhattan

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  1. I wish I had breaks like that. That would make work seem a lot less stressful. It is surprising the situations you can find yourself in even while working. Of course, being a delivery driver might be a little easier to get away with things like that once in a while.