Smile for the Camera: The lure of the male cam model

So it’s a long, lonely night and you’ve been working hard all day.  Perhaps you’re in the mood for a little action; some stimulating adult entertainment courtesy of a gorgeous, hot guy.

With a few clicks of your computer mouse, you suddenly find yourself in a webcam chat room with a gorgeous exotic man.  Stefano is a handsome, muscular 29 year old with thick brown hair and hazel eyes that could belong to a classic movie star.  In a thick foreign accent he asks what he can do for you; you request a striptease, and within seconds he is undulating that perfect body, just for your pleasure.

As much time as many of we gals spend online, a few of us may not be aware of the sex-oriented webcam services available for us; or, for that matter, of the sensuous male webcam models that are waiting in discreet chat rooms to satisfy our every need.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve gone from assuming our average user to be male to knowing of certain brands we work with or models who have a strong community of female fans,” said Jamie Rodriguez, representative of Flirt4Free.Com.  “There are other industry indications like the increase in gay erotica for women, and the growing acceptance of porn amongst women that are in line with this new trend in our cam community.”

And, according to Rodriguez, a female visitor can enjoy a sexy dream date with a gorgeous, sensitive webcam model.

“A male cammodel can hold a great deal of appeal to not only the typical male customer but a female user as well. The guys on Flirt4Free are very good at making a user feel relaxed, special, and are much better listeners than the average male,” said Rodriguez.  “Sexual preference and gender don’t make a difference when it comes to encouraging a customer to embrace their sexual interests, or to engage a user with intelligent conversation and a more emotional connection. There’s a real appeal to a female user just like our male users to have an extremely attractive guy tell them how great they are, and explore fantasies together in a safe space online.”

And don’t be shy, girls….

“For females who are new to webcams, I’d encourage them to not assume all the male models are gay, or that someone they’d never approach in real life won’t be interested in talking to them. Our male models are there to get to know you, and want to connect,” said Rodriguez.  “They come from a wide range of backgrounds with a wide range of sexual tastes and personalities. The anonymity of the webcam world allows you to shop around for your dream date and have fun online connecting with gorgeous men from all over the world.”

The top male Flirt4Free model, Stefano is a gorgeous, friendly cam model who caters to the fantasies of both female and male visitors to the site.  Scandalous! recently sat down with this hunk for an in-depth interview:

stefanoScandalous: You’re a successful–and gorgeous–cam star with a large and diverse audience.  What inspired you to go into webcam work?

Stefano: When I started I didn’t really know what I was doing. I mean 10 years ago when I actually started with the webcam, I was just a student of university looking for a summer job in the Czech Republic….I found an online advertisement about a job paying $1 USD a minute.  It seemed very strange to me, but I had to try it. When I came for my first shift, they didn’t really tell me what the job was all about, they just told me I would sit there in my underwear … But one of my first customers took me and explained me what this is all about … I was not really into it much but the money I made was very good for the Czech Republic back then for a young kid, so I said to myself, let’s try it. With time I actually saw the possibility of the business online and made myself an independent worker and as well an internet person, not just sitting on cam but running several fan pages, a store and other promo, like modeling for magazines and known photographers.

Scandalous: What are some of the most common requests that girls have for you during your cam shows?

Stefano: Different people have different tastes, it’s very various like one’s real sexual life can be.  I guess the most requested is striptease, posing, shower shows and playing with myself.

Scandalous: How does it feel to perform live in front of audiences during cam shows?

Stefano: It’s the beauty of webcam.  You perform in front of someone but you are actually home comfortable, just with your pc.  You can do it even if you are a pretty shy person in real life.

Scandalous:  Why do you think more and more female viewers are enjoying the webcam experience?

Stefano: Well today’s world is a crazy, hectic and busy place, and people get lonely and the webcam is not only about how you look and what you do, it’s a lot about your personality too.  You can make actual friendships there.  Also, the internet is a place where you can hide your identity; it’s very secure and you can kind of request what you are shy about or missing in your life.

Scandalous: What are some of your future plan?

Stefano: There are lots of plans in my mind and lots of projects going on. Webcaming is just one of them. It’s not my dream job and I don’t think any of the webcam models wanna do that forever, but I’m almost sure I am going to stay around a few more years. 😀

Scandalous: Where can our readers find your webcam shows online?

Stefano: You can find me on as well follow my Twitter @jakubstefano or Instagram therealjakub

Peruse the multitude of sexy male cam models available online at

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