Side Order Of Sex

sidesexI waited impatiently for my roommate to come and pick me up from work. I had just finished closing the restaurant after a tiring day of waiting on short-tempered tourists and vacationers and all I wanted was a diet soda, a good book, and a hot bath. I sighed as I checked my watch for the umpteenth time, 11 o’clock-a half hour late.

“Ride not coming?” a deep voice sounded behind me.  I turned and looked up into the deep blue eyes of Matt, one of the cooks at the restaurant.

“My roommate is always late,” I explained, clutching my book and purse to my chest. I’d had a crush on Matt since my first day at the oceanfront restaurant. All the girls that came in for meals wanted him and who could blame them? He was tan, muscular, and had intense blue eyes that seemed to look right through a woman and into her soul. But I was shy so I kept my feelings to myself and only fantasized about him alone in bed.

“I could give you a ride,” he said huskily as he looked up and down my petite body. My waist was tiny and my little black skirt hugged my hips in all the right places. My breasts looked small in my white T-shirt, but they looked firm and round. Just right for caressing. He stepped closer and breathed in my faint perfume.
My heart began to pound as he inched closer. I looked into his eyes and saw the raw passion aflame in the blue depths. I took a step back and ran into the wall next to one of the tables.

“Ummm, that’s okay, Matt. I’m sure that she will be here any second.”

He smiled at me, showing off his beautiful, white teeth. “That’s not what 1 was talking about, honey.”

He stepped even closer so that his powerful thighs were brushing against mine. My entire body was on fire and each touch brought me closer and closer to the edge. He brushed his thumb over my soft lips and then bent down to gently touch his lips to mine. I gasped as our skin touched and he took that opportunity to ease his tongue into my mouth. I moaned at the carnality of the kiss and began to melt against him. I dropped my purse and book onto the floor and brought my hands up to feel his powerful chest. His strong arms banded around me and brought me closer to him. My body melded to him in perfect harmony. He lifted my hips so that the cleft between my thighs fit snugly against his growing erection.

I was surprised at my own aggressiveness; I had never done this before, yet I wanted more, harder and faster. He dragged his mouth from mine and began sucking on my neck. Nipping, then sweetly kissing where he had bit.

“I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t wondered how it would feel to have those sexy legs draped over my shoulders,” he whispered sexily in her ear, the heat of his body radiating over her quivering body.

He began kissing her again, more aggressively and hungrier and I eagerly met his hunger. Between my legs throbbed with desire and almost on cue, his hand traveled up between her inner thighs, his fingers leaving trails of fire as they moved upward until they touched her through her panties. She bucked against him as he began to feel her.

His eyes locked on hers as his fingers pushed aside her panties and entered her and I writhed against him. Drawing her hips closer so that his fingers could go deeper, he began exploring her wet folds and caressing her clit. With his free hand, he led her small hand to his cock and curved her feminine fingers over his bulging erection. He groaned at the heady combination of pain and pleasure.

“Say it; say that you want me,” he pleaded.

“I want you,” I gasped, my head spinning with all the pleasurable sensations. I rubbed his cock and felt myself getting wetter as he got harder. Desperate to feel the rest of me, he removed his fingers from my tight, wet pussy and began stroking my body. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and yanked upwards, revealing my white lace bra. He growled with desire and he began kissing and tasting my skin.

He dragged his mouth and tongue down to my breasts while his fingers expertly unhooked my bra. He took a nipple in his mouth and began sucking hard and I could feel his muscles tighten as I massaged his package, feeling him throbbing inside his pants. I wanted him. Now.

“Now. I want you now Matt,” I breathed as he pushed me towards the table. He raised my skirt above my hips and his eyes locked on her white, lace panties. He gripped the crotch of them and wrenched them away, his control almost going over the edge when he saw her tight pussy. He buried his face between my legs and I cried out as his tongue found my most sensitive spot. He began sucking and licking every part of me, flicking my clit with his expert tongue. As my cries intensified, he eased two fingers into me and began rubbing my clit in tiny circles. I arched her hips, urging him in deeper then grabbed his head and held him against my body as I thrust my hips to meet his tongue. He heard me shriek as I came in a wave of wetness that he eagerly drank up.

Afterwards, he gazed at me with his azure eyes. “Now you’re ready for me.” He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his shaft, burying himself to the hilt with one thrust, his thick cock stretching me so much, I knew I’d be wonderfully sore in the morning. Quickly, he pulled out and pulled me up to face him, then turned me around and bent me over the table. Again he thrust into me deeply, burying himself to the hilt and I shrieked as he fucked me hard and fast. His control to the breaking point, with a final thrust, he buried himself deep inside her and they came together in an orgasm so powerful it left me sobbing and him groaning and biting her back. It felt as if we would come forever.

As he softened inside of me, he kissed my back and rubbed my breasts. He gently pulled out and turned me around once more until we stood facing each other. Our chests heaving from the excursion, our bodies slick with sweat and the musky scent of sex still clinging to the salty air. “I’ll take you home honey,” he said huskily, “so that we can find a bed and get serious.”


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