Shut Up and Kiss Death of Paris

dopLiterally moments before Shut Up and Kiss Me, the new single from Death of Paris, came across my desk, I was having a blazing online discussion about how today’s female artists and female-fronted bands are blurring the lines between rock, pop and other forms of popular music. I used Lady GaGa as an example. She’s a big voiced singer who seems to ease between a myriad of styles. So Imagine my surprise when Jayna Doyle’s vocals exploded into the first few measures of this song. Prowess was the first word that came to mind – powered by a band laying down rock-punk fusion.

Shut up and Kiss Me, like all the tracks on their album GOSSIP, is ambitious. I don’t know this band, so what I’m saying here is pure conjecture, but it seems to me when they went to the studio to lay these tracks down they had to be thinking they wanted the final product to transcend what they’d been playing live – both in style and substance. “Let’s make a record the rock crowd will like, the alternative crowd will like, the dance crowd will like… hey, let’s make a fuckin’ POP song!”

And that they did.

From the opening synthesized bass and guitar groove to the heavy rock sounds that build to a crescendo behind the soaring vocals of Doyle, one might be tempted to compare Death of Paris to such acts as Garbage or the Wombats. But more apt comparisons might be Avril Lavigne or even the vastly underrated Fefe Dobson – acts who stayed true to their rock underpinnings while winning over rock fans and critics alike who might not usually be into guitar-based music. And when a band can win fans who don’t normally listen to their brand of pop, you know it’s more about the songs themselves and not the style of music.

So if you’re a rocker who avoids pop or you usually only listen to songs that pack the dance floor, take a listen to GOSSIP by Death of Paris. We have your free track below.

(right click and ‘save as’ to download the Shut Up and Kiss Me)