Shopping For Clothes Online Just Got Easier!

340103l.jpgSometimes I’m lazy, ya know? I just don’t feel like hitting the malls and fighting the crowds to find a new outfit for the weekend. Of course, buying it online is a hassle. Good luck finding the perfect fit that way! But there is a solution for a lazy fashion whore like me – Size Wand, a free service to help you order the correct clothing size when shopping on the web.

At, you “share your closet” by submitting information about clothes you already own that fit well. A simple step-by-step guide takes you through the process – you tell Size Wand the type of clothing item, material, brand, size, relative fit, and if available, the style name, style number and RN number. The guide shows you examples of clothing tags so you know which numbers to enter. Kewl, huh?

Once you’ve shared your closet, Size Wand will be by your side as you clothes shop online. The program will integrate itself with retailers’ own pages, so wherever you browse, Size Wand will automatically suggest your size for any items for which it can provide an accurate recommendation. Imagine! No more condescending looks from store clerks when buying your latest little black dress!

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