Sheon Shows Why Woman is Man's Temple

Religious fears of female sexuality are as old as the world itself. In every major faith, holy scripture teaches women are temptresses, the root of all man’s evils and are possessions that need to be controlled. Why? Because life springs from them. And that’s a very powerful thing. Some say faith’s obsession with women’s bodies stem from the need for “paternity certainty,” in which men are absolutely positive the baby being carried in a woman’s womb is his. The battle for the control of women’s vagina extends to the birth control debates religions have had and still have. A sexually active woman who doesn’t fear an unwanted pregnancy takes a certain amount of control away from the man in her life. And if she’s self-reliant, she’d suddenly a man’s equal.

Why the history lesson? Because pop diva Sheon has a message in her latest video and second single from the album Xotica, Second Base. Shot on the grounds of the Basilica of Saint Mary (a church where she, in fact, got arrested for trespassing), Sheon takes a page from Madonna and flaunts her potent sexuality against a backdrop of religious imagery. She tempts a priest then confesses her sins among other sinfully hot things. The song itself is a classic mid-tempo bump and grind piece serviceable for both dance floor and bedroom soundtracks, but it’s more. Perhaps it could be called a girl-power anthem for those who finally want to break the chains of religious oppression.

“With organized religion being responsible for more murders, coverups, and abuse around the world, shouldn’t we all be desperate for change? A new way of living where ones personal spirituality is more important then what society dictates to us.” Sheon says. I don’t have any insight into the artist’s mindset or how aware she is of women’s historical struggles for equality and sexual freedom but you get the impression she knows exactly what kind of controversy she’s inviting.

Using clips of fallen televangelists who’ve been embroiled in sex scandals, some powerful messages are at play here, the least of which is that hypocrisy abounds in the hearts of many anti-sex zealots. But when Sheon places a Bible between her legs, the intent is clear. Man’s true temple has always been that holy place. And there is righteous power in that pussy.

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