She Likes Then Young

Dear Scandalous!

Thank you for such a sexy and compelling website. It’s certainly fueled many of my fantasies and has this 44 year old woman wishing she’d been a little wilder back in the day. Case in point: Last month’s eye candy seemed personal to me. My neighbor’s son is home from college for the summer and he looks so hot. I can see their pool from my bedroom window and watching him in his wet trunks with the outline of his cock clearly showing through them just gets me going. I’d like nothing better than to seduce him but his mother is one of my best friends and I feel guilty even thinking about it! Should I risk a friendship by going for it?

Barbara C,
Macon, GA


You didn’t divulge whether there was any mutual attraction but just for the sake of this discussion, let’s say there is. Part of me want to tell you to jump on him poolside and ride him to oblivion. But, being that his mother is a good friend of yours, that scenario could turn out very nasty in a bad way. Young guys brag about their sexual encounters so there would be a very good chance rumors would spread quicker than your legs. Since discreetness isn’t even close to guaranteed in these situations, my advice is to pass on this one. Sorry.


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