One of our favorite shows here at Scandalous!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, season seven of the Showtime dramedy Shameless will see Kevin (Steve Howey), Veronica (Shanola Hampton) and Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) evolve their relationship from a string of threesomes and a green-card marriage into one big happy family that includes working and raising kids together as the John Wells-produced series explores polyamory.

“Polyamory is being shown in a way that hasn’t been shown on television before. It’s not Big Love, where the poly aspect was all it’s about,” Hampton tells The Hollywood Reporter. “[Veronica] fell in love with a woman and her husband loved her enough to accept this relationship and add it to their own relationship. For her to make that choice, it wasn’t to make it temporary — this is her new life and new family”

Adds Goreshter: “It evolved in such a slow, natural way between them, over a period of [season six], where Svetlana really integrated into their lives. It was this weird slow build so it didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, we’re polyamorous now.’”

Pimental credits the natural flow of the thrupple to the chemistry of the actors and the fact that the storyline happened organically. “We did not set out to have this happen. It originated when Kev and Vee had broken off and Svetlana needed a place to stay,” she says. “For her and her culture, she gave payment by sweeping the floor, paying the rent and going down on Kev or Vee. It started as showing a different take on a different culture and a different point of view of sex.”

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