Sgt. Corrin Campbell Reporting for Rock-n-Roll Duty!

corrineI’m not sure if the genre actually has a name but the last two decades or so have seen the rise of what I like to call tough girl rock – pop punk powered by “chicks with attitude” – think Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne. Though the music always packs a girl power wallop, you’re never quite sure if the attitude behind it is genuine or just an image. I’m guessing Corrin Campbell is the real deal, though. When a member of the United States Army rocks, everyone listens!

Oh, did I mention she’s on active duty in the US Army? That she is, and she’s a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Without taking anything away from other artists like her, Campbell know how to kick ass and take names.

Her music is definitely modern – think the previously-mentioned Avril Lavigne and even Gwen Stefani, but it also have an 80s post-punk feel to it reminiscent of the Waitresses and early Bangles. on the new album Gilded, she and her band the Election show us why they’ve wowed our men and women in uniform at various performances across the country.

Take a listen to Just Around the Bend, an uptempo ska-sounding bouncer that will definitely have you jumping when you hear it. Reversing gears, she hits us with Ready, Set… dark and moody piece. One song I really like is The Scene – a song that starts with a cute girly rap but quickly evolves into a rocker. The entire collection is fun, versatile, and it rocks.

Want it? Well… how about not one but SIX free songs? Yep! Yours for the taking. Just head here and grab them. And if you like what you hear, please support Corrin Campbell and the Election by buying their entire collection Gilded at iTunes or Amazon.