Sexy Supplements

Your mama always told you to take your vitamins, but she was probably thinking about building strong bones, not gettin boned! A kickin’ sex drive heavily depends on eating healthy and consuming the proper recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals essential for jump starting a waning libido. Read on, Scandalouswomen, and get those juices flowing – every last one of them!

Vitamin B6

Think of this supplement as the protector of all that is good and right in the world. You see, B6 decreases the production of prolactin, a pesky, evil little hormone that reduces sex drive.

Vitamin B3

Feeling nostalgic for that newly deflowered post – orgasmic glow? Then chew a B3 which is a fast-acting aphrodisiac in pure form and produces a flush similar to the one you get after intercourse.

Vitamin C

This dynamo is essential for healthy, no-clumping sperm. Give a tab to your man if you like his love juice like we like our coffee – extra creamy.

Vitamin E

If the hormones you have are feeling a little over¬worked and need some company, swallow some E which plays a key role in the manufacturing of testosterone and estrogen.


This little wonder is not just needed for strong teeth and bones, but for strong orgasms too! This mineral plays a crucial role in muscle contraction during your climactic moments.

Copper, Iodine, Iron, Manganese and Potassium

Too tired to have sex? Nonsense! Let your inner nympho shine by getting plenty of these minerals which will help fight fatigue and low sex drive.


This mineral serves up the full meal deal! Its like a sex¬ual smorgasbord, serving a three-course feast in the form of sexual sensitivity, ejaculation and orgasm. Yummy!


If either one of you is going limp due to extended foreplay followed by lack of results, then grab some phosphorous, which is necessary for maintaining sexual arousal.

Taken from Increase Your Sex Drive by Dr. Sarah Brewer

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