Sex with your ex: Hookups after breakups

Why is it so easy to hook up with your ex? And why do you feel bad the day after? Here we examine some of the pros and cons of fucking after the breakup.


  • It’s great sex! He already knows what you look like naked, so you aren’t nervous about that and he knows what gets you off (unless that’s the reason you broke up).
  • It’s good closure. Like a finale foray in the hay. One more time for old time’s sake. Just don’t do it again.
  • You won’t add another notch in your belt.
  • It’s license to get kinky! Have a threesome, whip out the chains—you know this guy, so it’s OK, but you don’t have the jealous issues or fears when you were committed.


  • The reasons behind the break up didn’t go away, and another lay may make you hate him all the more.
  • Delusions of a reunion.
  • You will ultimately not be satisfied (not in the orgasmic way). If you are doing it for revenge or to try to get him to see what he’s been missing, you will only end up hurting yourself more.
  • Having sex with the ex again will only make it harder for you to meet someone new.

If you’re just looking for some good time fun and realize that it won’t go anywhere besides a little bed-hopping and booty calling – ex-sex should be fine.


  1. I guess you’re never really ‘broke up’ until one of you gets married or dies, huh? I have an ex from high school that I still hook up with sometimes – especially during the summer. The sex is so good because I know I could never be in a real relationship with him again. 😉