Sex With A Ghost Can Be Quite Spirited

In the 1981 horror movie “The Entity,” Barbara Hershey’s character, Carla Moran, is repeatedly assaulted by a sex-hungry ghost that invades her Los Angeles home and plunges her into a nightmarish world full of paranormal hanky-panky.

At the time of its release, the movie was banned for its overly sensational sexual aspects, which included a scene with Hershey’s breasts pulsating rhythmically, as if being fondled by unseen spectral hands.

Compared to alleged real-life sexual encounters with ghosts, however, “The Entity” is pretty tame.

In 2001, the BBC reported on wild rumors flying around the islands of Zanzibar that a sexually voracious ghost, known locally as “Popo Bawa,” was invading people’s homes in the middle of the night and sodomizing them. Not fun.

For some, however, including the late model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith, sex with spirits was hot stuff, indeed.

In 2004, for example, Smith revealed to FHM magazine that: “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, then one day I woke up and found it wasn’t.”

At first, said the tragic blonde, she was terrified by the experience; however, when the sex became “amazing,” she quickly embraced the touch of her spectral stud-muffin.

And while most of us might be surprised to learn that the afterlife is packed with hot and horny spooks whose idea of entertainment is to invade our bedrooms in the middle of the night and engage in a bit of phantom fun, for professional ghost-hunter and paranormal expert Joshua P. Warren it’s all in a day’s work.

Warren is the author of numerous successful books on ghostly tales, including “Pet Ghosts,” “How to Hunt Ghosts,” “Plausible Ghosts” and “Haunted Asheville” – the latter being a study of paranormal activity in his hometown of Asheville, N.C.

“I’ve investigated six or seven cases of people claiming to have had sex with ghosts. All but one centered on women,” Warren says. “None of the women actually wanted the activity; but the one guy I spoke with was like: ‘Oh, yeah, I love this!’”

As Warren explains, your average ghost is a pretty discernible soul and tends to focus almost exclusively on hot babes: “The women who describe this are primarily attractive, young women. In the cases I’ve investigated, they ranged in age from early twenties to about 40.”

He continues: “Mainly, it’s male ghosts having sex with females.”

The full-time ghost hunter reveals one of the more harrowing cases from his files.

“This is a very typical one: a young, attractive blonde woman told me how she had moved into an alleged haunted house and began to see the silhouette of a large man moving around the rooms.

“Then, after a while, she began to experience what she thought at first were very vivid, sexual dreams. She started dreaming that a large, powerful presence was on top of her and that it was undressing her. There was sexual activity, always in the missionary position; and she would wake in the morning covered in bruises and scratches.”

Warren undoubtedly became the envy of all his ghost-hunting buddies in his League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained Phenomena Research group (LEMUR), when, in his own words, the girl “asked me if I wanted to see her inner thighs and private areas.”

Despite the temptation, Warren says in deadpan fashion: “I felt I might be overstepping my boundaries as a paranormal investigator if I agreed to examine her vagina.”

Somewhat harrowing encounters aside, what of those cases where the participant found the experience to be pleasurable?

Deanna Marks, of Atlanta, Georgia, tells of an encounter she described as quite enjoyable.

My boyfriend and I have been going out for maybe 2 years now. We haven’t had sexual intercourse in awhile. But, just the other night, something strange happened. We moved into a new apartment a couple of days ago. A young man use to live there but he passed away fro drug overdose. He died maybe 5-6 years ago. I was in the apartment doing things and my boyfriend called saying that he had a surprise for me when he got home from work. I didn’t know what he was talking about but then it came to me that we might do something tonight.

So I got ready and was in the bedroom and turned the lights off and waited. I was in the bed, getting a little tired. I closed my eyes a bit and then started falling asleep. Then I heard the floor creak and something sitting right next to me on the bed. I asked “Is that you John?” I got no answer but then I felt a hand on my hip and a sexual arousal. I felt something touch me and then grab me. It felt so good I’ll tell you that. But, it didn’t feel like John. I still went along with it on account I haven’t been in bed with him in awhile. I started to moan and the bed was shaking. Then it was over and I fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning I saw John sleeping right next to me. I got up and started the day as usual. Then John came into the kitchen. I said to him “Thanks for the surprise last night…” He looked at me confused and said “I didn’t get to show you the surprise. When I came into the bedroom you were fast asleep…” I was shocked! But, if that wasn’t John, who was it?

I did some research on the man that used to be living in this apartment. Neighbors told me that girls would come into the apartment with him and then leave in the morning happy.

But for the most bizarre story of all that Warren has personally investigated, we have to turn our attention to the case of the “ghostly werewolf.”

He says: “This story blew my mind. It came from a woman whose property was being haunted by wolf-like animals. She went to sleep one night and woke up in the middle of the night. Standing next to her was this huge, ghostly wolf-man-type figure.

“It was large, tall, and had a big, erect penis. Well, she was instantly horrified; and when she locked eyes with him, she was petrified and couldn’t move. She told me the wolf-being said to her, in a distinct gruff voice: ‘Suck on this.’ She quickly rolled over and hid under the covers, with her heart pounding. She thought the covers would be ripped away from her and she would become his little sex toy. But he quickly vanished from the room.”

Warren has an interesting theory to account for such stories: “I’ve always wondered if these things could be energy vampires – not necessarily men or women at all, but more like incubi and succubi creatures that have been reported for thousands of years. Whereas we might eat meat and vegetables for energy, they are paranormal creatures that come into your room in the middle of the night and take energy via sex.”

As Warren notes, one of the biggest challenges facing an investigator of this particular controversy is trying to convince the victims to discuss their experiences.

“This is one of the most complex and obscure areas of paranormal research. And the reluctance that many people have about speaking with us is purely and simply due to the stigma surrounding a discussion of personal sexuality.”


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