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To all my girls in the [geocity] area! Everyone knows that a good workout gives you energy and stamina while also making you feel better and look great. Even sweating is sexy to some guys. What’s not to like? But, we always like our exercises to have another, very important, benefit – increasing our orgasmic pleasure. Here are a few exercises we do to help achieve a more intense orgasm.

Kegels – Kegels help improve sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner by tightening the vaginal muscles. To do, clench your muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine – these are the same muscles you use when having sex. To exercise this muscle, squeeze it and hold for a few seconds. How many reps you do is totally up to you, but try to do as many as 20-50 a day. The best part of this exercise is that no one can see you do it – so you can exercise at work, on the train, at lunch.

Stretches – Regular stretching of your hips, legs, lower back and abdomen keeps your body loose. A well-stretched, toned body is essential when trying more acrobatic sexual positions. Here are a few recommended stretches – you should do these exercises on a flat, hard surface – your bed is probably too soft to achieve maximum results:

Inner Thigh Stretch
Lie on your back with your legs raised straight in the air. Slowly open your legs to the sides as wide as is comfortable for you (don’t overstretch – just do what is comfortable.) Hold for a count of 10. Return to starting position. Do four to six times a day.

Hip and Thigh Relaxer
Lie on your back, crossing your right ankle onto your left knee. Grasping your left knee with your left hand, pull knee toward chest. Place right hand on right knee and press toward feet. Hold for a count of 10. Return to starting position. Switch legs and repeat. Do four times for on each side.

Buttocks and Hip Stretch
Sit with a straight back with your right leg bent and your left leg crossed over your right thigh, just above the knee. Reach around your left knee with your right arm. Slowly pull your knee in. Hold for a count of 10. Return to starting position. Switch legs and repeat. Do four times for each side.

Pelvic Tilts
Lie down on your back with your legs bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly tilt your pelvis up and down so that your buttocks lift off the floor. Repeat 20 times for maximum effect.

Butt Lifts
Anytime you concentrate on tightening your abdominal muscles, you can also concentrate on tightening your vaginal muscles. Lie down on the floor making sure your abs are tight and your back is flat on the floor. Lift both legs up, crossing your ankles. Slowing lift your butt off the floor all the while keeping your abs tight and your back flat on the floor. Bring your bottom down and repeat 10 -12 times.

Add these exercises in to your weekly regimen. Do them at least three times a week to notice a quicker, more satisfying orgasmic experience.

How To Make Him Last Longer

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we at Scandalous! want your lover to have the same stamina as some of those hard-bodied athletes. Because, as we ladies know, slow and steady scores the touchdowns!

We’ve compiled a few ways you can help him last longer during sex. Try them out and decide what works best for the both of you. He can do these exercises alone, but we suggest doing them together for the best possible results.

There are two main techniques that are suggested for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The first is the “Start and Stop” technique. It’s basically what it says. Stimulate your man’s penis until he is about to cum – then stop (sounds harsher than it is.) Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times per lovemaking session. After about 3-5 weeks of using this technique, you should see a remarkable improvement in his sexual stamina.

The second is the “Squeeze” technique. Again, stimulate your lover’s penis until he is just about to ejaculate. He needs to let you know when he is close to ejaculating and at that point – stop stimulating and start squeezing the base of his penis by wrapping your thumb and index finger around it. Apply firm (but not too firm) pressure for about three to four seconds, focusing on the underside of his cock. This should stop the ejaculation response. The most important part of this technique is timing – too late into stimulation and it won’t work. You should start applying pressure when your man is about three or four strokes away from bliss.

A few other suggestions to lasting longer:

  • Regular jerking-off/masturbation sessions. Either alone or with you, your man should masturbate regularly. By pleasing himself more often, he can train himself to become used to the stimulation. In turn, it should take him longer and longer to climax.
  • Condoms can also increase sexual stamina – consider having him wear a thicker condom which will reduce the amount of stimulation he feels.
  • Changing positions during the act of lovemaking. This will make him stop what he is doing and focus on new sensations from a different position.
  • Breathing deeply and thinking about something else (but make sure it’s something like baseball stats, not his mother – you don’t want the passion to completely end!)

The most important thing is to let your lover know that you are willing and eager to help him last longer. Make it a sport so that the both of you win.


  1. Great advice. I read a book last year that has even more advanced techniques – “ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm.”