Seven Basic Rules For Having A Cuckold Encounter

Considering entering into a cuckolding relationship with your husband or boyfriend? Play it safe and follow a few basic rules for maximum fun and pleasure and minimum risk.

1. Do not do cuckolding as your first group sex / threesome experience.

Take time to have a few experiences. This will allow you to decide if having sex with others is something you really want to do. Plus it will give you an opportunity to know what boundaries are working and what are not along with a chance to develop your communication further. Cuckolding involves trust and communication to a greater degree than having a threesome. Starting with a cuckolding experience can prove to be dangerous for your relationship.

2. Talk about what if…scenarios.

Cuckolding will involve one partner having sex with another person while the other is not present. The fantasy and reality of a cuckolding experience can be quite intoxicating. Do not let the intoxication of the experience influence your judgement. Take the time to work through what…ifs. Contingency, what if, planning will go a long way.

3. Take time to discuss boundaries and build up the relationship

If you have already had a threesome experience or group sex experience then you should have done some of the initial work on boundaries. Take the time to review them and discuss what is working, what is not working, and given the fact as a couple you are now looking at a cuckolding experience what additional boundaries are needed? Communicating may highlight areas of the relationship that still need developing and if the two of you do not feel that the relationship needs work it is still a good idea to develop it more.

4. Make sure you have condoms and birth control is current.

Condoms are for the prevention of the spread of HPV, HIV / AIDs and STDs along with a first line defense against pregnancy. The last thing you want is for you to spread a STD or be exposed to HPV if you are a woman. Withdrawal method and natural family planning does not count as your second form of birth control due to their high failure rates. Using the ‘Pill’, another type of female hormones, female condom, diaphragm, or IUD as a back up method will provide the additional assurance against an unwanted pregnancy. Plus the female condom will provide added protection against the transmission of STDs including HIV / AIDs and minimize exposure to HPV.

5. Plan for safety

As the two of you discuss the cuckold encounter take time to plan for safety. Talk about maybe calling once you arrive, if an emergency comes up, and once you leave. If calling is not an option then discuss measures to be taken to make sure that safety is paramount and how each of you will know that the other is safe.

6. Discuss the encounter and agree to boundaries.

A lot of time a couple will say we have no boundaries and just let it happen. That is nice but there still has to be some boundaries such as relationship boundaries. Such as not using the encounter against the other, making sure that is discussed after it happens, working through any issues that may come up, and anything to help the relationship through this. Another boundary that needs to be discussed in regards to the encounter is the maximum number of times that the same person will be seen. If there is no limit then it is not cuckolding but an open relationship which out of scope for this discussion.

7. After all the discussing remember to follow what is agreed.

Trust develops from being dependable. Just because you have a chance to have sex with someone else and your partner will not be present it does not mean to toss out the rules. By following the agreements you will allow trust to be developed and potentially enhance your relationship. See it as an opportunity to grow your relationship and not just have sex.

Author: ExpressingMyDesires