Set the Mood With This Sexy Lamp

Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can’t you see my desire?

~Janet Jackson, That’s the Way Love Goes

Dim lights in a dark room, casting shadows on the walls as I play with my night’s conquest. Such a scene always reminds me of Janet Jackson’s sensuous hit song That’s The Way Love Goes. And that was the very tune I was humming as I unpacked and set up my new Mood Set from Lady Devine, a seductive oil lamp  that not only gives a sinful ambience to any room, but also heats massage oils and melts to further enhance your romantic experience.

It comes complete for  4 relaxing scents that will have inhibitions – and panties – dropping. The massage melts slowly turn to a warm (never hot), moisturizing massage oil, enriched with vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Coconut oil, that moisturizes skin and amplifies your desires.

The kit comes with electric decorative warming dish, pack of 4 Massage Melts,1 oz Massage Oil and 1 oz Water Slide lubricant. You’ll want to click over and get one of these.

Don’t mind if I light candles
I like to watch us play and
Baby, I’ve got on what you like

Come closer
Baby closer
Reach out and feel my body
I’m gonna give you all my love
Ooh sugar don’t you hurry
You’ve got me here all night
Just close your eyes and hold on tight
That’s the way love goes…