Seeside Brings Alt-Pop, Italian Style

The members of Seeside may not realize it, but I grew up on their sound. I went to high school with their sound. In college, their sound was was the soundtrack of countless roadtrips with friends and lovers. I hear different eras of rock and alternative pop echoing in this band’s finely crafted art. Has anyone ever compared them to the late 70s band Pablo Cruise? LOL. Probably not – but I hear it. How about the early 90s English band James? It’s in there, along with dozens of other influence – all memories of mine – yet completely original to me.

Their story is classic rock-n-roll. Formed in the summer of 2007, their history actually predates that year – when two members met while teenagers. Seeside describes themselves as Italian post-pop. They approach their work quite studiously, with a special attention to live performances to get as much experience as they can under their belts. Their dedication is paying off as they’re now regularly featured at national music festivals and have gained airplay world-wide on MTV New Generations web platform in the “Just Discovered” section, MSN Music and They’re the first italian band selected for MTV IGGY, an american web platform dedicated to the best bands from all over the world.

If alt-rock is your thing, you’ll love Seeside. Grab a free track below.

Psycho Afternoon

Catch Seeside online:!/seesideband