Secret Shopper

I couldn’t believe how sexy he was. At least 6’7″ tall, he had black hair, blue eyes, a mustache and goatee and a smile with dimples that made him look like innocent. But I knew he wasn’t. I had heard quite a few lurid details from his girlfriend, my boss. And I owed her big or I would never have agreed to this deceit.

I made eye contact and felt a strong tension begin to build. His girlfriend had hired me to see if he would cheat. Looking over his muscular build and settling my gaze on the bulge in his crotch I decided to have a little mercy on him. If he even flirted a little bit I would give him sex to make up for the trouble he would be in later.

I held his gaze and he smiled back, meeting my challenge. I slowly moved a little closer. I knew the store would be empty around this time. I also knew there was couch in the back room, hidden behind the two-way mirror.

He moved closer to me and I could smell his cologne, faint and musky. His soft voice caressed my ear, “Can I help you?”

I let the strap of my sundress fall off my shoulder as I turned to face him. His eyes strayed to my cleavage. Blatantly staring at my breasts, he was definitely in trouble.

“Yes,” I answered sweetly. Boldly I took his hand and placed it on my cleavage. “I think you can.”A look of understanding spread across his face. He smiled and caressed my breasts through the sheer fabric. He took my hand, led me into the back office, and closed the door behind us. I leaned against the door, ran my tongue slowly over my lips, and let the other strap of my dress fall.

He sprang into action. The first kiss was slow and full of passion. He trailed kisses down my neck and across my breasts, nibbling as he ran his hands over my body.

He took my hand and placed it on his large erection. I gasped as he lowered my dress and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently and circling it with his tongue. I could feel myself growing wet as I rubbed his erection through his pants, stroking it.

He slid his hands up my dress and discovered I wasn’t wearing panties. “Oh God,” he said, “I must be dreaming. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.” He slid a finger into my wetness and I pressed myself against his hand.

I wanted him so badly I pushed him back towards the couch. Temporarily off balance, he sat down hard. I didn’t give him time to recover. I slid his zipper down and found he wasn’t wearing underwear either. I pulled his thick, erect cock out, straddled him and lowered myself onto him, taking that long, thick shaft deep inside me. He put his hands on my butt and began lifting and lowering me, controlling our pace.

I moaned in pleasure as he slid in and out and I circled my hips as our bodies met. He claimed my lips in another kiss and I nibbled his lower lip as he fondled my breasts. Each stroke felt so good, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

The moderate pace began to get to me. I needed more. I grabbed the back of the couch for support and rode him faster and harder. Grinding against him with each stroke, I slammed myself onto him hard and fast. As I felt the first wave of orgasm begin to take hold, he picked me up and moved us both to the floor.

He climbed on top and moved my legs over his shoulders as he plunged into me, thrusting hard and fast.”Oh God. Yes! It feels so good,” I cried out. “Yes, harder, faster, take me! Please give it to me.”He moaned and thrust harder and deeper. My pleasure spiraled through my entire body causing my toes to curl up. I screamed in pleasure as I came. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Still riding the wave of pleasure, I rose my hips to meet his thrusts.

So lost in the sensations, neither of us noticed the tall dark-haired man come into the store and stare through the two-way mirror. About to orgasm yet again, I raised my eyes to see the handsome man. He appeared to be watching us and the thrill of it pushed me over the edge. My body tightened and I begin to shake.

“Oh yes, come for me baby,” he cried out as his whole body spasmed. One last hard thrust buried him deep inside me and he came, riding my wave while enjoying his own climax. Finished and calmer now, he looked up.

“Uh-oh. That’s my boss. Hell, he shouldn’t care too much. With all the stuff he does back here with his girlfriend Ali, he would be a hypocrite to say anything.”

I bit back a giggle. Ali was my boss’s name and apparently the man on the other side of the window had been my intended target. Looking at my new friend I just smiled and tousled his hair.


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