Scandalous! The Valentines Edition

Hello to all our chicas in [geocity]. From the hot and sexy to the downright strange – we’ve got your sex headlines right here!

Designergasms – 6 Fashionable Sex Toys

Sex toys have become stylish accessories. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day,  ARTINFO scanned the sex toy field and was delighted by the high level of design and innovation they found.

The War Against Contraception Has A Long History

“It’s not okay because it’s a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

— Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum, quoted by Time, on why he wants to fight the “dangers of contraception.”

Fascinating piece at Huffington Post on the history of birth control in the US. … going all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Back then, birth control was still illegal in this country, still defined as obscene under federal statutes that remained as a legacy of the Victorian era, even though many states had reformed local laws and were allowing physicians to prescribe contraception to married women with broadly defined “medical” reasons to plan and space their childbearing.

Aphrodisiacs and Wine

A nice run down on the correct wine to drink with supposed aphrodisiacs.

Why Disney Characters Make Us Horny While Disney Movies Do Not

Women clearly have an ambivalent relationship with Disney characters. In question 12 of LAWeekly’s sex survey, UCLA vs. USC: Who’s Sluttier?, we asked about the worst date movies, and Disney films were named again and again by our female respondents: The Little MermaidThe Princess and the Frog, or “anything Disney” were frequent answers.

But when it came to their next, more imaginative question — “Which innocent childhood fantasies could best morph into adult sexual fantasies?” — the gloves were off and the ids were exposed, and girls wrote answers like Gaston, Aladdin, Disney’s Robin Hood (also, curiously, a favorite of Furries) and “Cinderella cleaning the floor.” Read more here.

10 Condom Reviews for the Well-Endowed Man

No one feels all that sorry for a guy whose “problem” is a huge cock. But when that guy tries to do the right thing and practice safe sex, finding a condom that doesn’t feel like a choke hold can be a challenge.

As a public service, a man with a big dick and his very lucky girlfriend agreed to test-drive a variety of condoms, most of which claim to be made for the bigger-than-average man. They tried two normal ones for comparison and ruled out “custom-made” varieties because the measuring charts showed they were far too small in circumference.

Here’s what they found, on a scale of 1 to 10 — with 10 being equivalent to the joys of condom-free sex. Click!

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