The Scandalous List for February (so far!)

Music Review: Robodrum’s “Keep The Lights On” = Sweaty Carnal Pleasures

When music fans think of “the blues,” black and white images from a bygone era are conjured up along with sounds and themes that have little relevance to today’s popular music. But is that accurate? Modern R&B and rock owes it’s existense to the blues and it’s sound still echoes on hit music stations today. Indeed, the blues still thrive in clubs across the country where patrons, young and old, gather to hear it. So how do blues music makers introduce their craft to a new audience? By injecting it with elements from today’s popular music, of course.

Enter Beale St Blues duo Dusty & the RoboDrum. As evidenced by their new single Keep The Lights On, they’ve brought the blues into the 21st century with a radio-friendly rhythmic sound. Described as “Soft Memphis Sexy Funk,” Keep The Lights On was written for the Apple iPhone Application Pocket Girlfriend and is on the RoboDrum CD Guitar Czar, available on itunes, Amazon and other online music retailers. The song definitely has a modern slow groove vibe going for, accentuated by a slide and lead guitar attack reminiscent of early blues. If this song is any indication, Soft Memphis Sexy Funk just might capture the sweaty essence of a slow fuck in July.

Listen to it below or download your copy FREE right here!

Radiant Lash Makes Batting Your Eye Lashes More Effective

I’ve always been confident about my looks and I was taught to apply makeup by my mother who had a short career as a model back in the 80s. So I know how to doll myself up or slut myself out with the best of them. But the one aspect of my war paint I’ve always been self conscience about is how I have to treat my lashes. They’re thin and brittle and I seem to lose a lot of them under my contact lenses. Ouch! And fake eyelashes are really a pain to use. That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Radiant Lash, a product that promises longer healthier lashes in just two weeks. To be honest, I had my doubts. And if doubts hinder results then this product was never going to work. After all, I was the girl in high school who’d slather on mascara like honey bar-b-que sauce on a rack of ribs just to make it appear I had long lashes. I was goth before goth was in!

So cutting to the chase, I started using it about two weeks ago and it is as easy to apply as eyeliner. I like that I only have to apply it once a day and it doesn’t burn or sting my eyes and there is no skin or eye discoloration. This product is made by Wellness Labs and uses SymPeptide technology which is designed to bump up the production of keratin. It doesn’t require a prescription which is fantastic! It’s made in the USA and safe for sensitive eyes.

Their website promises it’s been “obsessively tested and retested” for results and safety so I felt pretty comfortable using it. I wasn’t prepared, though, for how quick I saw results. Seriously, in about 16 days it was obvious my lashes were longer and lusher. How do I know? Did I take out little rulers and measure them? Ha ha, no. My first clue was I had to alter the way I applied my eyeliner and shadow. If you do something every day you notice any little variation you suddenly make. I am the type that doesn’t even go to the grocery store without mascara and now I can. Now my lashes are noticeably thicker and with a little mascara they really pop without all the extra coats. I admit I am amazed at how well this product works and I love how sexy I feel with my flirty, sexy eyelashes. I always like to stay one step ahead of the crowd but I am definitely recommending Radiant Lash to my friends who deserve it!

Radiant Lash is definitely Scandalous approved. It’s a hot product. Pick up yours here.

Textographs provide a visual presentation for your words with some sexy possibilities

Surely one of the more unique gift ideas we’ve seen and one with loads of scandalous appeal, Textographer uses your text and your photo and creates a highly personalized work of art called a text-o-graph. It’s a pretty awesome technique, the results are stunning and I’m sure your mind is already taking inventory of the photos you could use for this. It could be a sexy one of yourself to your boyfriends made up of a very loving or naughty love letter. How about a custom poster of your child for yourself or the grandparents composed of events of his or her life so far? The possibilities are limitless and the end products are definitely conversation starters. Here’s the technique: Their artists transform your image and replace it with text you write that looks like the original photograph. When it’s viewed from across a room you can see the original image and when you move in a little closer you can read the text. You’ll want to go here for this hook up.

Like a virgin – touched for the very first time (that he knows of!)

We take a lot of things for granted in the Western world – like knowing we won’t be executed if we’re not a virgin on our wedding night! Seriously, there are some places in the world (the middle east to be specific) where it’s not only frowned on to be wild but where it just might get you killed! Enter the “artificial hymen.” Seriously! It’s a type of prosthetic membrane created for the purpose of simulating virginity. In other words, slip this in you and your cherry is ripe for the popping again – fake blood and all! This might sound funny or gross but in some cultures it just just might save the life of a young girl. On a lighter note, how fun would it be to pretend you’re virgin being ravaged by your man on Valentines day?

Order yours here. Read the LA Times coverage here.

YouNeaty – Your Flirt For Free

Dating and flirting sites are a dime a dozen, right? Everytime you’re surfing the net there’s a new one vying for your business. And it’s no wonder – online dating is a major business as more and more people find they no longer have the time in their hectic schedules to meet someone the traditional way. But there’s always a catch, right? You can sign up for free but there’s little else free about it. Enter YouNeaty, a barebones approach to the flashy 21st century dating site. Their selling point? No “premium accounts”, no limits, no fees. Though it isn’t a real active site yet, it does have it’s share of hotties looking to meet people because of it’s social networking-like features. We expect more social dating/flirting sites to adapt this model soon. In the meantime, if you’re one of the many who just doesn’t have time to mingle at the club this weekend, give YouNeaty a look!

Lifestyles SKYN Condoms – just slide it on and do me!

There’s an inherent issue with with a woman reviewing a brand of condom. Seriously, what does it matter to me as long as it fits him and is lubricated, right?? So my best gauge of whether a condom is awesome to him or just another rubber is his reaction to me when he’s wearing it. Fortunately last weekend I had the opportunity to test them twice with two guys I’m seeing (’cause that’s how I roll. OK??)

Friday night I was hanging out with ‘Thomas at my apartment. He’s an old fashioned kind of guy who swears by the ever reliable Trojan – probably the same type his dad used back in the day. He thinks designer condoms are are girly and shys away from them. So when things started getting a little hot I pulled out the SKYNs with their sexy black box and he recoiled just a bit – but I reminded him this was all I had. “Wear it or no nookie,” I teased. So he did. And he was impressed. Without even knowing the brand’s sales pitch, he remarked he felt like he wasn’t wearing anything. He was happy and enjoyed himself so I was happy and enjoyed myself. The next morning he had to leave early and I had to drive 40 miles to the a nearby town for a district meeting for my company (and where Stephen would be waiting. Shhh… don’t tell Thomas!) So I dropped a few SKYNS in my purse and hit the road.

That night with Stephen was incredible. He’s always willing to try new things and was thrilled I brought the condoms. He, too, said he didn’t feel like he was even wearing a condom. So that’s my Lifestyles SKYN review.

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