Scandalous Approved Sex Toys

Sex is supposed to be fun and very fulfilling for a woman, after all there are times when it’s nice to have an adventure and explore alone. Using a toy for any reason will give you a different kind of experience and exposures that you have never had. To enjoy all this, you just need to purchase sex toys that will never disappoint you. Here are 6 of the best


If you want to experience a fast orgasm, then the Womanizer is the new toy to go for. It makes you experience an orgasm in less than a minute. This is not a vibrator at all it is just a sex toy that is meant to suction the clitoris at selected intensity. Its purpose is to work on your clitoris in a way that your fingers cannot or when you are having oral sex. So if you want to experience orgasms in a different and much faster way, go for the womanizer, it is a clitoris stimulator.

Magic wand

The Magic Wand is a portable vibrator that you need to have. You don’t have to be glued to one place all the time just lie on your bed and direct it to the right position and voila! The magic wand starts to do its wonders. It has an on and off option, giving you the freedom to control it. If you want an immediate orgasm then do not worry, you are not left out, all you have to do is to connect. Its head has been designed for easier clitoris stimulation and penetration to give you fulfilling and intense orgasm and in this case a clitoris orgasm. In addition, it does not produce any sounds it very friendly.


Yes, it is small but do not let its size fool you, the Tango is also very eco-friendly and efficient. The tango is the most sought out after by so many women. It’s small enough to fix during sexual intercourse; you won’t need to do much. Its shape is that of a bullet, hence putting much emphasis on the clitoris.

Morning wood

A 6.5inch dildo it comes with a cup. Color stimulates one’s mind, so by going with your preferred color when purchasing this item, it will stimulate your sexual urges. The vibrator is meant to satisfy you fully, so put that dildo in a place that every time you see it, it immediately turns you on, so be creative enough. Take into the bathroom and fix it on the wall for stability.


This vibrator might seem weird at first, but is very effective. It comes with a controlling button; you are given the option of controlling the intensity of each thrust. If you want a faster thrust, then the option is right there. It comes in different colours you can choose from. Take a look at this great selection from

Hula Beads

Hula Beads are remote controlled. The difference to a traditional toy like this is these have beads that you can choose to play around with.InserT the first ball then slowly increase its intensity by inserting the vibrator all in. The effect of this stimulates the clitoris to an orgasm.

Sex toys can never be a disadvantage to your sexual health. Many women around the world who have suffered from a lack of orgasm are normally treated by the use of these sexual toys. After the sex toys are used on them, they have been able to experience orgasms. It has major positive effects.