San Francisco best US city for a tryst!

Drawing on statistics from the dating site Ashley Madison, SFWeekly says San Francisco is the best place to have a little fun on the side, especially if you have some money to spend like those rich folks in Pac Heights who apparently are lavishing gifts on every hottie and pool boy who isn’t their spouse.

According to new stats released today, San Francisco is a great place to have an extramarital affair, especially in the wealthy parts of the city, where you are most likely to find a cheating spouse. reveals some 68,980 San Franciscans are registered with the infidelity site, proving that this polyamorous city is a great place to have multiple hookups outside the home.

Using that data, the site’s CEO was able to crunch some numbers and determine where exactly in San Francisco all these cheaters live, with Pacific Heights coming in at No.1, followed by the Financial District and the Marina — all neighborhoods where people can easily afford more than one partner.

According to the cheating service, 46.3 percent of S.F. women registered with the service are actually married; that means that 57 percent of women using the site in the city are single yet looking to have affairs specifically with married men.

Other interesting facts:

  • a high percentage of single men and women in the IT profession are using the service
  • a high percentage of women are specifically looking for a sugar daddy
  • The Mission District has the most affair partners
  • The Marina has the youngest crop of cheaters
  • Pacific Heights has the most female users of the service.



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