Rudy Jackman Brings The Blues

When was the last time you heard Blues? I’m not referring to modern R&B or even old school R&B but straight Blues. Aside from a hole in the wall club I went to a few times my freshman year in college, it’s been a long time for me. The sound, to me, has always seemed part of another era and if you’d asked me yesterday I might have said it has no relevance today. But after hearing a few tracks from Rudy Jackman’s upcoming album Breaking Chains “The Journey,” I’ve changed my mind. This Lancashire, England born singer is breathing new life into a tried and true sound.

Drawing on influences ranging from Motown to Wilson Pickett, Jackman boasts a soulful voice reminiscent of Cee-Lo Green’s that powers emotionally crafted songwriting. The track Say Hello, for example, is a heart wrenching ode to a lost lost love in which Jackman wants to just say hello for the last time. Juliet is a throwback to 1940s-style doo-wop, complete with swirling strings, a saxophone solo and a background chorus of shoo-wops. Black Widow Woman is Jackman’s piano-based bluesy number about trying to get away from a woman who just isn’t good for him.

I’ll admit my first introduction to the blues came from the old Elizabeth Shue movie Adventures in Babysitting in which blues legend Albert Collings uttered the now famous line, “nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.” After listening to Rudy Jackman, you will find it difficult not to come away singing the blues as well.

Here’s a sample.