Romance Comics – Scandalized!

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Your mom’s old romance comics were never like this!

Although comic books have always been the domain of kids, fanboys and geeks, they were once also avidly read by housewives, young women and teenage girls. Between 1947 and 1977, Romance comics depicted love, jealousy, marriage, betrayal and heartache as passionately as daytime soap operas. The genre was launched after WWII and by the 1950s, dozens of romance titles could be found on newstands and drugstore shelves. Ever the product of their times, stories focused on traditional family roles including strong male leadership and submissive female stereotypes. But with the dawn of the sexual revolution in the late 60s, the popularity of romance comics began to decline. Women and teen girls no longer identified with the demure, emotional and virginal heroines depicted in them.

Charlton and DC comics artist and editor Dick Giordano stated in 2005: “Girls simply outgrew romance comics … they were too tame for the more sophisticated, sexually liberated women who were able to see nudity, strong sexual content, and life the way it really was in other media. Hand holding and pining after the cute boy on the football team just didn’t do it anymore.”

Because the themes of romance comics are so outdated today, Scandalous! thought we’d have a little fun with some old covers. Check out this gallery of original covers then scandalized versions.


  1. These are hysterical! I can see by the original covers how girls were portrayed as helpless emotional wrecks who needed a strong man to make her life complete. LOL!