Roman Video Nails The Concept Again With Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 4

My Friday Night Scandalouswomen Video Society was fully stocked with nachos and margaritas as we sat down for yet another night of movie viewing and catty comments. Another cuckolding movie was loaded up in the dvd player and, by the sound of the conversation, some of us were already buzzed by the extra strong frozen drinks I’d expertly prepared barely a half hour before. As the credits began to roll, we all let out a collective groan as “Slave Sammy’s” name appeared on the screen. As we’d found out in another movie a few months back, there’s something about sammy the slave that makes any girl want to abuse him. Nice, chubby, and a small dick is the perfect doormat recipe for any woman, and Trina Michaels takes full advantage in volume 4 of Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies.

With top notch interracial extramarital action and verbal humiliation galore, viewers will be mesmerized for close to 90 minutes as Michaels uses and abuses her husband while being totally fucked by a hot black guy with a humongous dick. That, of course, got the applause from my friends in attendance the first time our leading lady unbuckled her black stud’s belt, and pulled his snake free. From there is some of the finest interracial fucking we’d seen. Michaels is the hot sorority-type girl and her black boy toy is a stud! He has a chisled bod and an oh-so-sexy scar on his tummy. I do love my bad boys!

The plot? Well, you know the setup. Trina convinces Sammy to let her have sex with another guy because it will help their marriage. Sammy, being completed devoted to his sweetie, agrees. So he helps her get dressed in some hot hoochie clothes and off she goes to a club to bag herself a plaything for the evening. She returns with scarbelly DeShaun and promptly has the shit fucked out of her in positions that makes the Kama sutra look like bathroom wall graffiti. of course, her poor hubby watches it all and even helps out here and there. In one scene, while Trina is riding DeShaun, slave boy Sammy licks her clit! Now, for you ladies who have never experienced having one guy fuck you and another licking your clit, think chocolate cheesecake and a back massage. You know, two exquisite things you seldom have at the same time.

We get the payoff finally when DeShaun shoots his load halfway in Trina and halfway on her. Here’s where Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies movies are different. Slave Sammy eats DeShaun’s cum off her and out of her! He doesn’t just lick or kiss around. He puts his tongue into it and laps it up, all to the delight of Trina, who makes sure he doesn’t miss a single drop!

As I’ve mentioned before, Cuckold Fantasies videos set themselves apart from other cuckolding videos because of the performances of the actors. You always cheer for the wife, you want her stud as much as she does, and you get an evil satisfaction watching her husband’s anguish at the knowledge he can’t satisfy his wife. with Volume 4 of Cuckold Fantasies, Roman Video again nails the concept.

Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 4

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