Robodrum’s “Keep The Lights On” = Sweaty Carnal Pleasures

When music fans think of “the blues,” black and white images from a bygone era are conjured up along with sounds and themes that have little relevance to today’s popular music. But is that accurate? Modern R&B and rock owes it’s existense to the blues and it’s sound still echoes on hit music stations today. Indeed, the blues still thrive in clubs across the country where patrons, young and old, gather to hear it. So how do blues music makers introduce their craft to a new audience? By injecting it with elements from today’s popular music, of course.

Enter Beale St Blues duo Dusty & the RoboDrum. As evidenced by their new single Keep The Lights On, they’ve brought the blues into the 21st century with a radio-friendly rhythmic sound. Described as “Soft Memphis Sexy Funk,” Keep The Lights On was written for the Apple iPhone Application Pocket Girlfriend and is on the RoboDrum CD Guitar Czar, available on itunes, Amazon and other online music retailers. The song definitely has a modern slow groove vibe going for, accentuated by a slide and lead guitar attack reminiscent of early blues. If this song is any indication, Soft Memphis Sexy Funk just might capture the sweaty essence of a slow fuck in July.

Listen to it below or download your copy FREE right here!