Rising Dance Producer and Recording Artist Jon Alkalay Tops Charts with Debut Album

As the number of electronic dance music fans continue to swell, new independent artists are emerging with sounds that capture the reminiscent vibrations of 70s disco, 80s electronic pop, and the house styles of the 90s. With an innate ability to draw music lovers to the dance floor, EDM is by nature infectious and free-spirited. Solo artist Jon Alkalay in his debut self-titled album release travels back to the retro sounds of dance vocalists such as Stevie B and new wave dance bands like Information Society. His latest track releases Hardly Ever Rains, Putting Myself First, and GPS demonstrate the man behind the music and his quest to be one of the most sought after EDM artists in the industry.

Utilizing a blend of synths, electronic piano chords, and drum beats, Jon Alkalay’s latest singles produce a varied style that reveals the influence of Euro dance music and other international styles. “Hardly Ever Rains” showcases Alkalay’s rock vocals with electronic styling and special effects enhancements. The song is a whimsical track with an upbeat, fun-loving feel; possessing a faint resemblance of Owl City’s most recent chart-topping style.

Jon shares with listeners a personal perspective on the track Putting Myself First where he describes finally pursuing his dreams of stardom. The song is a feel-good dance track that will empower fans while cranking up a good dance party at the same time. The track includes some mixing with strings and fast drums giving it a high-energy boost. Alkalay’s dance vocals are full and his lyrics are an honest culmination of his journey throughout the music world. It is a resounding track that could be categorized as motivational and uplifting.

Jon continues to rock the party with his single GPS, a progressive dance hit that has a futuristic, digital feel and new wave beat. The track is packed with special effects such as racing cars, and computer-generated vocals, indicating Alkalay’s eclectic style as a producer and recording artist. Techno music fans will enjoy the intricate design of this track along with his upbeat ambiance.

Hailing from Brazil and now living in Austin, Texas, Jon Alkalay hung up his suit, tie, and 9-5 in the corporate world, determined to become a leading electronic dance music producer and recording artist. While developing his sound, he cites influences such as the Pet Shop Boys, Lady Gaga, Zedd, and Erasure as being instrumental in his vast love for music. He embraces Brazilian, Latin, American, and Euro styles of dance, pop, classic, and rock music; he incorporates many of the elements from these genres into his productions. On the heels of his debut 12-track album, Jon Alkalay is rising the charts having already reached the Top 10 in Dance and Pop Charts on Amazon MP3 this year. Keep an ear to the street for what is to come from this electronic dance sensation.

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Mika Lucio, a native of Staten Island, NY got her start in music as a college radio DJ at Bradford College in Massachusetts. She received her degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. As a trained dancer and recording artist, Lucio has appeared on national television on shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. Managed by Ruishella Sellers of Myjestik Entertainment, Mika recorded her first album at 19 years old with Hampton Roads indie group M.E.C. An avid music lover of all genres, she is always looking for fresh new music to add to her digital collection.