Remote Controlled Panty Vibe Scores!

Remote controlled vibrating panties. Those four words conjure up all kinds of devilish thoughts. Remember slow dancing in high school? Imagine if your boyfriend held the power to pleasure you without ever touching you below the waist. Having a stressful day at work? Envision yourself relaxing at your desk while office sounds muffle the almost inaudible buzz of the powerful vibrations edging you closer to orgasm. Or if that is a bit too bold for you just unwind as you drive home. The drivers in the cars next to you will have no idea why you’re smiling. The scenarios for using this stealth little porta-vibe is limited only by your imagination.

I was looking forward to getting this one from Babeland and I wasn’t disappointed. Nestled comfortably in a black silky drawstring bag, the matching panties are one-size-fits-most, and the vibrator is quite yet powerful with three speeds to choose from. The remote control operates from over 16 feet away, giving new meaning to the term ‘long distance relationship.’ Finally, and best of all, the machine-washable panties have a custom-sewn pocket that keeps the vibrator snugly over your clit. Heaven!

I tested it out on a road trip to mountains with a boyfriend. On the drive he kept me damn near an orgasm for three hours. When we reached the cabin I was practically clawing at him to finish me off which he did – at dinner! This toy gets the scandalous stamp of approval for the adventurous gal not afraid of PDOs (public displays of orgasms). It makes a wonderful gift for a couple, a bachelorette, or the single girl always on the go.

Panty hip size: 25″ to 65″ (adjustable)
Vibrator size: 2-1/3″ x 1-1/4″
Material: ABS Hard Plastic with Rubber-Cote (TM)
Volume: 2 out of 5
Intensity: 3 out of 5
Batteries: 2 N (4 included), 1 23A 12-volt battery (2 included)

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Originally from Montreal where she covered local night life for an alternative magazine, Lauren is now now based in South Florida where she works in marketing and spends her weekends sampling the area’s night life.


  1. We actually picked up this little treat while doing some naughty cyber shopping one afternoon. When it came I really didn’t think too much about it but I decided while my man was away to play a bit. OMG… amazing results. THEN he came home and teased me that it’s so unfair I get to play & he didn’t that day. I thought he meant for HIM to get off but instead he used our new toy to please me again… at his will. I was moaning and screaming for quite some time before he truly gave in and let me go wild! It’s definitely a GREAT toy!

  2. Not the first time I ever heard of the item. It seems like a nifty little “pick me up” after a stressful day. I never thought of allowing someone else the reigns to the remote, but that is actually a good idea. Only the 2 of you know what is going on while others wonder why you and your ‘partner in pleasure’ are smiling deviously.

  3. Ok so me and my roommates were looking at one of those sites that sells sex toys to buy a gag gift for our friend’s bachelorette party. We all had a lot of laughs at the weird shapes and reviews. The one that got the biggest laugh was remote control vibrating panties … “for a little fun anywhere”. So here are my questions. Has anyone ever worn a pair of these? Would you wear them under your clothes and turn them on out in public? Would you give the remote control to your BF? Would you buy some for your GF?

  4. I have a club vibe – vibe-infused panties that reacts to music beats. An ex-bf gave it to me last year and I absolutely love it!