Periods stop us from doing a lot of things: putting on tight jeans, saying no to another pint of ice cream, remaining dry-eyed during commercial breaks, you get the picture. Sadly, there’s one activity we hold dear that is automatically prohibited when Aunt Flo comes around. For many women, having sex on their period is downright gross, unsanitary, and completely unsexy. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the entire experience could actually bring you and your partner closer together. I know, you’d rather remain holed up at home in a pair of ragged granny panties, covered in donut crumbs and watching–ehherm, crying through–Netflix.

Still, there are times when our hormones get the best of us (we have all felt that horny heat periods seem to exude and men sniff out) and we can’t help but think about jumping on our partner with saucy gusto. Believe it or not, period sex is not as gross as you may picture it, nor is it as uncommon as society makes it out to be. Adding in a few precautionary additions to your usual sexy time setup will not kill the vibe or turn your partner off; in fact, it’ll only enhance the moment when you see how completely chill he is about the whole thing. So get ready to strip out of your oversized underwear and into the sack with your favorite person with these period myth-busters and benefits.


Guys are totally not into me when I’m bleeding out of my eyeballs: Okay, maybe not out of your eyeballs but out of the usual place? Hell yeah they are! In fact, it’s usually the woman who puts a stop to his advances. Most men will satisfy their partner during this time if they’ve been intimate with them for a while; there’s also the rare breed of one-nighters who wouldn’t mind the extra flavor.  If you’re still unsure and want to experience the possibility of mind-blowing saucy sex, tell your partner what’s going on down there. Explain that you still want to have sex and if he’s with it, cool.  While you might expect pushback from some, don’t be too alarmed if he gives the green light. When a man feels comfortable with you, chances are, the probability of him ravaging you in your bloody glory are pretty high.

I’m on my period so I can’t get pregnant: Contrary to popular belief, you can. The release of your uterine lining doesn’t mean that the rest of your eggs have disappeared. While the pregnancy rate is low, there is still a chance of conception, and a condom (male or female) is highly recommended during the act. Your body is also prone to a host of bacteria it would have otherwise been able to combat, leading to higher risk of infection. Plus, if your man gets squeamish looking at a stained penis, this addition will lead to easy clean up. Simply put, wrap it up chica, it’s better for all parties involved.

Period sex is too messy! Correction, sex in general is messy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a session where I was dry and in one piece afterwards. If you’re worried about possible stains, lay down a few dark towels (you know, the ones you smudge hair dye and left over makeup on?) to protect your sheets. Keeping a strategically placed package of baby wipes nearby will definitely sweep up the mess in quick fashion afterwards, and works well on his privates too. Who says being prepared is un-sexy?

Onto the Benefits!

Less Cramping: Want an alternative to the three Ibuprofen that take forever to kick in? Have sex. Not only does sex curl your toes and arch your back in a good way, it also alleviates the constant hammer pounding your stomach. If you’re one of those girls that’s lucky enough to skip over cramping during your cycle, then just shut up and enjoy the sex. Either way, those few moments of ecstasy are a great trade in for a day’s worth of gut-wrenching knots.

Reduces period time/mood swings: You could A) bleed for your full cycle or B) collect $200 and pass Go by getting intimate with your partner during your period. Due to the friction and contractions produced during orgasm, blood flow is reduced, shortening the days you’ll have to worry about diaper booty. Get back into those jeans faster with a quick romp (or an all night affair, whatever you prefer).  Did I also mention the fact that a few minutes in the sack can temper your mood? Take your raging bitchy self to bed and let him work his magic. You’ll feel like you just ate a Snickers.

No lube required: Toss aside your store bought lube and bask in the homemade version. We’re all aware of the fact that the wetter you are, the better the sex feels, and what’s wetter than your period? Bask in the liquid that at other times threatens to embarrass you, seeping out of your underwear and staining your pants at inopportune times. Here, the blood is welcomed and enjoyed to the fullest. Better use it to its advantage!

Simply put, periods are not the work of the devil, they’re a natural process that our body goes through each month. Just like the Tampax commercials promote, periods should not get in the way of our everyday activities. And that includes sex. So get out there, strut your bloated stuff and seduce him into bed (with his consent of course.) He’ll thank you later; and you’ll be all the more satisfied.