Rebel Rose is a Rebel With A Cause

Back in the early 90s, Janet Jackson recorded Black Cat, a song inspired by metal band Motley Crue. It combined the sexy attitude of R&B with the raw energy of rock. Though she wasn’t the first to experiment with two styles of pop, she certainly brought that unique hybrid of sounds to a wider audience. Since then, Hip Hop has embraced  a myriad of styles, fusing them into one of the most potent music genres the world over. Rebel Rose has definitely been paying attention. With guitars blazing, his new single Make Her Play is a sexy riff on rock-hop/soul.

The video itself (see it below) starts with a proposal to an electric guitar, a suitable stand-in for a bride. It foreshadows Rebel Rose’s nuptials to something wild, providing a ‘woman is guitar’ analogy. His intention, of course, is to pluck and strum her body like strings, essentially making her play. It’s an effective visual for a great song.

Inspired by Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and Rick James, Rebel Rose is no stranger guitar-infused R&B and rock. He grew up on it and, with his torn denim style, he looks the part. Blasting out of Hampton, Virginia, Rebel Rose might make you think of Lenny Kravitz just a bit, and he might be the first in a new wave of artists bridging the gap between Hip Hop and rock. Take a listen below and visit him online.