We’re Ready for the Age of Kickass Female Superheroes

Complex, tormented female superheroes are starting to pave ways in their male-dominated universes. Suicide Squad doesn’t hit theaters until August, but Harley Quinn (a psychotic Margot Robbie portrayal) is already getting her own movie. Robbie reportedly brought the project to Warner Bros./DC Cinematic Universe to star in and produce the flick, with speculation that other female DC characterswill also have roles. Women seem to have their hands all over the shared universes.

Captain Marvel—written by two women—comes out in 2019. Diane Nelson, a woman, is president of DC Entertainment. Next June, the DC Cinematic Universe will release its first female-fronted superhero film, Wonder Woman, with Gal Gadot starring as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman alongside three other women: Robin Wright, Loven Kongsli, and Connie Nielsen. It’s not only co-produced by a woman (Rebecca Steel Roven) but also directed by one (Patty Jenkins), the first female director to helm a studio tentpole action film. “I really wanted a female director,” Deborah Snyder, co-producer of Wonder Woman, told Time. “I felt like for Wonder Woman, how could you not hire a woman? We’re bringing this iconic feminist character to the screen for the first time. It should be from a woman because we need more women behind the camera.” A 2015 report revealed that female directors only made up 9-percent of working directors, but it makes sense to hire women to tackle female projects, thus, mitigating two serious issues in Hollywood: 1) a woman’s take on a superhero film gives a more nuanced insight than the male-driven counterpart and 2) women are typically better at details and extracting emotions than men, so imagine what they could do with the MCU and DC universes. They have the capability of reaching viewers beyond the typical superhero fanbase.But female superheroes are still the exception, not the rule. It’s taken about 20 years to get Wonder Woman out of development hell.

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