Rayna Zemel Rules With Mary Poppin Bottles

Electronic Dance Music, or EMD, is dance music evolved and revolutionized. Taking the best elements of it’s ancestry – heavy bass driving pure danceable rhythms – and adding an abundance of keyboard melodies and a driving beat seems to keep the dance floors packed all night and into the morning. I know when I attend the occasional rave I often think I should have brought a change of clothes, not only for the the hook-up I might consider when the club closes but just to have something else to wear that isn’t drenched in sweat. Dancing is a workout and there is no better style to do it to than EMD.

Mary Poppin Bottles, the new track from Rayna Zemel, is a prime example of what I’m referring to. It’s a party anthem for a new generation of Techno aficionados. Consider it Big Room House meets Trap, and it’s a quite an accomplishment for the artist who already has a reputation for advanced beats and intricate melodies. It begins in a down-tempo way before the bass and ambient grooves kick in, culminating in one orgasmic musical treat. You’ll want to dance to it. This I promise.

Beyond the music is the artist, Rayna Zemel. Volumes could be written about her. She’s a trailblazer to be sure. A female writer/producer/engineer working in a largely female-driven genre. She isn’t just a pretty face fronting a male-driven enterprise. Rayna adds a feminine touch to a music style popular with women which, in my opinion, makes it a considerably better choice when discovering new music. As mentioned previously, she’s worked with both up and coming artists and Grammy Award winners.

Click over to Soundcloud or Beatport now to download Mary Poppin Bottles and also to get better antiquated with Rayna Zemel.