Rayna Zemel and Acafool Tag Team on Hip Hop Track

Role reversal is a term you often hear during discreet discussions on bedroom politics. Who’s on top is now a matter of choice, not tradition. In music, though, tradition is a stubborn thing. A female performer usually has a male mastermind in the studio producing and arranging her sound. Seldom is the reverse true. Meet an exception, Rayna Zemel, a Philly born producer/engineer who has worked with Grammy winning artists, music heavy weights and up and coming new artists. Her latest project is Rap artist Acafool and his track You Deserve a Medal, a fun little slice of Hip Hop goodness with Zemel’s signature “big pop hook” sound.

Acafool wrote the song for “all the ladies that are and will teach their daugters how to be ladies.” It’s actually one of the better new hip hop songs I’ve heard lately because it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. Both artist and producer know their audience and what they deliver is the perfect Spring and Summertime jam and instand dancefloor favorite.

Download the track free below and follow both Acafool and Rayna Zemel on Twitter.