RainDoggs Offer Up a Cocktail of Sounds

There’s a mad scientist in a music lab somewhere in Austin, Texas. Stitching together a little bit of R&B/Soul with some kind of funky ska vibe, a euphonious animal is created. It’s alive! Alive! You’ll have to pardon the old monster movie analogy but that’s the image that always comes to mind when I hear a unique and unlikely blending of various music styles. That’s not a bad thing. Following a tried and true musical formula is easy. Deviating from that recipe is genius. Enter Raindoggs, a six-member band described by one member as Tom Waits and Snoop Dogg in a 69 Charger driving from New Orleans to LA being filmed by David Lynch.

RainDoggs is the kind of band you might discover while on vaction exploring the night spots off the tourist map’s beaten track. Fronted by Larisa Montanaro, a siren whose voice will draw you into dark cavernous sidestreet bars, this ensemble features a top notch rhythm section and a mini-horn section as well. All of this is on display on their single Be My Man, a mid-tempo number with a certain mod groove to it. In it Montanaro asks her guy to drop his acts and pretention and just be her man. Who could refuse that?

Check out all their music on iTunes and Spotify. Scandalous! has your hook up below with a free track for download.

Be My Man


  1. Great review and thanks for the free download. i am not that familar with Texas, but i am trying to decide, which city will best suite my needs. Is Austin texas, a good place for a black female? Soon i will be gettting my Bachlors degree in Information and Technology, so i will be looking for a job in the IT field.

  2. My family is planning a trip to Austin, Texas for Labor Day weekend. Maybe hubby and I will drop by and hear this band. Does anyone have any ideas for fun family outings in the area? We have booked a great hotel, and have considered the children’s musuem…any other suggestions?