Radio for the Daydreamers features music for open minds

I’m always up for new music but haven’t really considered anything approaching Jazz in several years. As though they sensed that void, Pittsburgh-based Radio for the Daydreamers have passed along to us a collection of what they term “experimental/ avant-garde jazz.” This diverse batch of mainly instrumentals from the album Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine. It weaves the tale of a someone’s personal journey through misery, self-realization, seclusion, developing phobias, anxieties and a need to break out to help his/her own mind. Sounds like me on Sunday morning!

The artist has placed this story in a single room, so to speak.  And to get the full effect, I suggest you close off the rest of the world while listening. Alternately inspiring and defeating, happy and nightmarish, the tracks here are like nothing you’ve heard before.  They’ve definitely expanded my musical outlook. Want to check it? Click here to listen to the album. We’ve also got you a free track below.

Curl Up , Time To Die