Private Partners

There was no one on the planet that could anger me quite like the man sitting across from me at the conference table.  It was if he made a point to counter any statement I made with some obscure fact that negated my argument.  We were both partners in our law firm and why he was so intent on undermining me was a mystery unless it was because I had repeatedly refused to sleep with him.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t inclined, but he had been up for partner after I had already made it.  I wasn’t about to let some overzealous lawyer sandbag me with office scandal.

Now, he was a pain in my ass and I was tired of it.  I decided I was done with his games.  I had never denied that he wasn’t incredibly fuckable.  He took care of himself and had those dark good looks that make women swoon.  Most of his clientele were rich divorcees who, no doubt, got more than one bang for their buck.  Angry at his latest attempt to minimalize my talking points, I sat seething in my office for hours after the other partners were gone.  Finally, I threw the brief I had been rage writing into my briefcase and stormed out.

There was light coming from his office, though the rest of the floor was dark.  Seeing an opportunity to corner him and end this nonsense once and for all, I yanked open his door and found myself face to face with him hunched over his desk working on something I couldn’t quite make out from my side of the desk.

“What are you doing?” The look on his face was one of confusion and shock.  It almost made me laugh.

“The bigger question is, “What are you doing?”  I am sick of your tactics to make me look like a fool in front of the other partners.  What is your problem?”

There it was, that smirk that made me just want to shove him out a window somewhere and walk away.  I stood looking at him for a moment.  This wasn’t the way to go about this.  I was a woman.  He was a man.  If I wanted to shut him up, I would have to speak a language he could understand.  My face instantly softened as I smiled down at him, walking around his desk as I spoke.

“Who dresses you?  Your Mom?  That tie is hideous.  Do you have another one?”

“Now, you are just being mean.”

I walked over to his office closet, where I found several spare ties.  Pulling a couple of them free, I walked toward him with them in hand.  I could see his surprise when I knelt down and turned his chair toward me.  He watched, completely mesmerized, as I used his ties to tie a single hand to each arm of his chair.  I removed the one around his neck and used it to tie his feet to the bottom of his chair, but only after I had stripped off his pants and underwear.

“Listen up.  We are going to be friends.  I’m going to offer you an olive branch that only you can truly appreciate and then you are going to back off.  Fair enough?”

“Sure, why not?”

The broad smile on his face told me that he thought he was winning whatever this little contest of his was.  That was okay.  I was about to get two things I wanted.  He was going to be a good little puppy from now on and I was going to get laid, something I hadn’t had time for in quite a while now.  I let him watch as I got undressed.

“Oh, yes.  Let me touch you.  You’re just as beautiful as I imagined you would be.”  He was almost panting, which meant that he was mine.

“No touching.  Not yet.”

Straddling him, I began riding him slowly as he leaned forward, attempting to capture a bouncing nipple in his mouth.  I leaned back each time, denying him access as I plunged down harder and harder on his swollen phallus.  I had expected him to be quick.  He wasn’t.  His staying power was quite incredible, in fact.

My original intent had been to fuck him and leave him here tied to his chair, but I was enjoying this so much I thought I might keep him around as a toy for later use.  Reaching down, I untied his hands and allowed him to touch me.  He rained kisses on my breasts and shoulders as he continued to drill me harder with each stroke.  We came almost simultaneously, collapsing against one another.

Now, we have an understanding.  He doesn’t make me look bad and, in turn, I make it worth his while.

San Jose