Princess Kate, Sex Clubs and Fifty Shades of Grey

Rumors continue to swirl that Princess Kate Middleton partied at sex clubs staged by a female college friend before marrying Prince William. If true, Scandalous! approves! Press reports say Kate cavorted at kinky masked balls for upper-class types staged by private school gal pal Emma Sayle, organizer of a sex club called Killing Kittens. Its sole aim is the pursuit of female sexual pleasure – and women are the only ones allowed to approach other guests for sex at their soirees. Now, thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, business is booming.

Emma Sayle’s members-only elite club saw ­bookings for its bondage-style ­parties sell out in the run-up to the kinky film’s release earlier this month.

She told the Sunday People : “We almost doubled our turnover in October when we launched Torture Kittens (a bondage spin-off) and it’s all because of the Fifty Shades of Grey effect.

“An event in October almost sold out overnight and the girls-only book club events, in which we hold talks about how to be a dominatrix, got much busier.

“They’re similar to the regular parties but have that edge to them and all the rules are the same, with women as the main aggressor.”

Diplomat’s daughter Emma, who founded Killing Kittens in 2005, said: “It’s a safe ­environment to act out sexual fantasies you’ve always wanted to take part in.”

She said Fifty Shades – in which Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan play a student and domineering businessman having an erotic affair – had given women new confidence to explore their sexuality.

Emma explained: “If you’d told me ten years ago that I would be expanding to bondage-style parties, I would never have believed you.

“I’m finding that my regulars who’ve always attended the parties feel they aren’t getting enough, which is why I’ve introduced Torture Kittens.

“Girls who were sort of on the fence about wanting to explore are now taking the plunge and actually coming to the regular parties.

“It’s always bugged me that men can go out and do what they want but the minute a woman does it, she’s considered a slag.”

Emma – who met Duchess of Cambridge Kate on a charity rowing team she set up in 2006 – now has around 50,000 members, with up to 200 people ­attending a party.

Tickets cost around £120 for a couple or £50 for a single female.

Parties are normally held in stately homes and penthouses across the UK with regular events also in Manchester and London.

Female guests show up wearing smart cocktail dresses but as the evening goes on and the alcohol flows, they begin slipping away.

Emma is planning to launch in New York and has agreed to sell bondage-style sex toys and lingerie through the Ann Summers shop.

Since marrying Prince William, Kate has denied her participation.