Pressed In The Middle

Having sex with two men at once had been a fantasy of mine for a long time. It was something I thought about a lot.

Early one morning I was sitting at my kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee and half-listening to the radio. Outside the window of my apartment, I had a distant view of the blue-green Atlantic curling up on the white sands of Miami Beach. It was a gorgeous day, cloudless and not too hot, and I was just about to put on my bikini and head out for a swim when the phone began to ring.

The call was from a photographer named Caroline. In an urgent voice, she told me she was all set to do a shoot for a magazine. “It was supposed to be two guys and a girl,” she said, “but the girl just canceled on me. I need someone really buxom, immediately!”

I drummed my nails on the tabletop and thought it over for a minute or two. I’d been working as a photo model for about a year and I’d done a few risque layouts with other women, but I never posed nude with men before. Still, I liked Caroline a lot and hated to disappoint her. Besides, spending a few hours with a couple of presumably sexy guys sounded like fun.

About an hour later, I was walking into the studio wearing shorts and a baggy Marlins sweatshirt. Slung over my shoulder I had a heavy leather bag stuffed with everything I needed from my hair dryer to a pair of red spike heels. Sans makeup, with my auburn hair still damp from the shower, I looked anything but glamorous.

Over in the corner Caroline was carrying on an animated conversation with two gorgeous men. Spotting me, she broke into a big smile and hurried over. A former model herself, she is an intense, olive-skinned woman in her late-thirties. Dressed in jeans and a halter, with her dark hair done up in a ponytail, she looks as cute as a teenybopper.

Caroline gave me a peck on the cheek, saying, “You’re a lifesaver, Nicki. I owe you one. C’mon, I’ll introduce you to Scott and Tony.”

Scott was an adorable blond with a friendly smile and eyes so blue they were nearly violet. Tony was swarthy and more rugged-looking, with a three-day growth of beard and a little diamond stud glittering in his earlobe. I would have been hard-pressed to say who was the more attractive.

After chatting with them for a minute or two, I went into the dressing room and got busy fixing my hair and putting on my makeup. When my transformation into a sex-kitten was complete, I put on a red bra and matching panties, stepped into my heels and returned to the studio.

At first the shoot went easily for me, just a matter of smiling at the camera while the guys hovered in the background looking hunky. Then almost before I knew it, all three of us were nude, our poses becoming more and more graphic. Almost immediately, Scott had a major hard-on, and he had one of those elegant, smooth penises that always make me melt. Maybe a little longer than average, it was topped with an exquisite candy-pink plum.

Under normal circumstances, I would have popped that tempting cock into my mouth and happily sucked him off. However, this was a photo shoot, and although I got to fondle the thing, hold onto it and cup his balls, the one thing I couldn?t do was blow him. Not surprisingly, I was becoming very frustrated.

Then there was Tony. Tony had a thick, veinous and altogether impressive cock, considerably bigger than Scott’s. With its purplish knob and fat shaft, it was exactly the kind of bulky dick I most loved to fuck. All in all, it was a case of erotic overload: two beautiful guys with stone-hard cocks, and me sandwiched between them, trying not to get too carried away.

For the next hour or more, while Caroline clicked away with her camera, we moved from one pose to another. Pretty much all of it was improvised, and it kept getting raunchier. Maybe we were only simulating sex for the benefit of the camera, but all the same, there was so much physical contact that it was impossible not to get turned on.

At one point, Caroline wanted to take a few shots of both guys mouthing my breasts. I have very sensitive nipples to begin with, and just one man sucking one of them is enough to make me nearly come. Having a man working at each breast would definitely send me over the edge. After Scott and Tony had been feasting on my breasts for a minute or so, I was so hot and flustered that I had to pull my nipples out of their mouths and call for a short break.

A moment later, to make the photo as sexy as possible, I peeled open my labia, baby-oiled myself and brought my pussy down within a millimeter of Scott’s cock. Then, either because he raised his hips or I lowered mine, I suddenly felt his penis start to penetrate me. He was maybe an inch inside and it took a serious effort of will to lift my ass a bit rather than settle right down onto his hard-on.

“Nicki,” Caroline called out teasingly. “No fucking, honey. We’ve got work to do.”

“Very funny,” I giggled.

By the time the shoot ended, I was trembly in my legs and extremely horny, with a sopping-wet pussy and a tingling clit. When Caroline finally called it a day, it was hard to float back to reality. One moment I was tangled up naked with two gorgeous men, the next I had to pull myself together and get back into my clothes.

When I walked into the dressing room and closed the door, I sat down and frantically diddled my clitoris. In about ten seconds flat, my long-delayed orgasm flashed out of my clit and went flooding through my insides. Arching my back and biting my lip to keep from crying out, I kept pressing until it no longer wanted to be touched.

What an orgasm! It was full of pent-up energy, but it wasn’t enough emotionally. After I had finished coming, I sat there for a minute or two, trying to decide what to do next. I’d been fantasizing for ages about having sex with two men, and here was the perfect opportunity. Was I actually going to let this chance slip away?

Deciding that I wasn’t, I put on my bra and panties and poked my head out the door. On the other side of the studio, Scott and Tony were gathering up their things and on the verge of leaving.

“Guys,” I called out. “Would you mind giving me a ride home?”

“Sure, no problem,” Scott smiled, and I realized that this was nothing new to them. That is how we wound up in my bedroom a short while later, all three of us naked, and both men sitting on the edge of my bed, fully erect and waiting for me to make the next move. Moving around the room on my bare feet, adjusting the blinds and turning on the air-conditioning, I was surprised at how calm I felt. Maybe it was because I’d rehearsed this scene so many times in my imagination. Possibly I was just so dazed with horniness that I was operating on automatic pilot.

Whatever the case, the sight of those hammer-hard cocks made me feel irresistibly sexy and gave me a sense of power and control. It was flattering, really, the effect I had on them. Both of them were as rigid as fence posts, and all because of me.

Going down on my knees, I snuggled between Scott’s legs and licked a drop of pre-come off his lovely knob. Then I simultaneously wrapped my lips around his glans and my left hand around Tony’s shaft. As I started sucking Scott’s penis, I pumped Tony’s massive organ in my little fist. Having two pricks to play with made me positively giddy.

I was also giddy because I could very nearly deep-throat Scott and did so repeatedly, bobbing up and down and all but swallowing his member. After a good long while with Scott, I switched positions and began mouthing Tony’s hard-on. His cock was so much thicker that I had to open my mouth extra-wide and struggle to consume him. His cock was also different in character and appearance, so much more serious looking, with its bulging veins and darkly colored glans that going back and forth between the two made the experience even more extraordinary.

So back and forth I went, mouthing one penis and then the other. When I’d sucked both of them close to the point of ejaculation, I sat back on my haunches and tickled their balls with my nails, not yet letting them come. I could feel their eyes on my bosom, staring at my heavy breasts, and it made my swollen nipples even harder and brought a pink flesh creeping into my face.

Tony gave me a big pleased-with-himself grin and then lay down on his back holding his stiff penis in his fist like a trophy. Taking his cue, I climbed onto the bed, placing my hand on Scott’s shoulder to steady myself, and then straddled Tony’s upright cock. As I carefully lowered my hips, Scott put his arm around my waist and leaned in close to watch the moment of entry.

If I’d been blushing a moment ago, I was crimson now. Then Tony’s plum bullied its way past my pussy lips and began entering my core, and instantly I was so far gone that my clitoris nearly pulsed out an orgasm.

I’d known at a glance that Tony was big, but I still wasn’t fully prepared for the lateral pressure of that enormous penis sliding relentlessly into my cunt. It took my breath away, dazzling me and causing my insides to melt. By the time I had him buried up to his balls, the lips of my widely stretched pussy were radiant with pleasure.

Stunned by the bulk of his penis, I closed my eyes and took my tits in my hands, then lazily squirmed my behind. I was already beginning to come, my belly awash with liquescent warmth. I wanted to let my climax build slowly, but my nipples wanted to be yanked and pulled and twisted. When I took them between my thumbs and forefingers and pinched and tugged, the lusciousness swirling around in my tummy ignited into a scalding orgasm.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I cried out.

Hearing me come, Tony grabbed me by the hips and bounced me like a rag doll on his rigid cock. I groaned, “Yes, yes!” and rode him hard until a second orgasm began to seem possible. I wasn’t sure if I could attain it, but it was down there in my belly, if only I could get there. I just had to stay focused and keep bouncing rhythmically on that big cock.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I crooned. “Keep going, baby. Don’t stop!”

For another minute or so, riding up and down on his penis, I was nearly, but not quite, coming. Hovering on the edge like that, I started to think I wasn’t going to make it. Suddenly, a voice inside me said let go of your tits, and I did, opening my hands like someone releasing a pair of doves. In a heartbeat my breasts were flailing, slapping against my chest until the jolt in my nipples made my clitoris pulsate. Then just like that, a sweet little orgasm flashed through my body like tiny fireworks.

Groaning with glorious relief, I slumped forward and let my hair rain onto Tony’s face. When I finally came back to myself, I threw a glance over my shoulder and reached my hand out toward Scott.

“You too, sweetheart,” I whispered, handing him the tube of KY I keep by my bedside. “Stick your cock up my ass!?

Scott quickly bunnied up behind me and, after applying the jelly to both himself and my ass, began probing for my anus with his cock. I was tipped way forward, thighs trembling, my breasts squashed against Tony’s chest and his penis still firmly wedged in my vagina. Feeling that second penis poking around between my asscheeks, I fought down a flutter of rising panic and waited for him to enter me.

The moment his cock contacted my anus, I shivered all over and my sphincter tried to wink closed. Too late, though, the glans had already slipped inside and the full length of his sleek member was burrowing into the depths of my behind. His dick was as slippery as an eel, and it went up my ass so quickly that I hardly had time to react. With Scott now in me balls-deep, and Tony nearly so, the sweet pressure down below was simply tremendous.

So there I was, more stuffed with cock than I’d ever been in my life, to the point where I couldn’t tell where my pussy ended and my rectum began. Down in my loins, it was all one blurry feeling of pressure and expansion, with two hard penises nestled inside me, one atop the other, separated only by the silk of my vagina.

Doubly impaled like that, I bawled with excitement and tried to tighten my pussy, only to discover that it was impossible. My vagina and rectum alike were so filled up that I couldn’t flex my inner muscles, no matter how hard I tried to do it. I felt overwhelmed, and wonderfully helpless, with both my holes forced wide open.

“Do it, Scott!” I yelped. “Hard!”

Work it he did, humping my rear end with energy and purpose, driving his pretty cock deep inside my bottom again and again. I have a full, ample ass, pear-shaped and as white as marble, and under the impact of the thrusting, my plush buns quivered and trembled. It gave me a voluptuous feeling and made me acutely aware of the size and fleshiness of my behind. Then there was the continual slapping sound of his pelvis against my derriere. That constant slap and the quiver in my buns somehow managed to make me even hotter.

Tony kept thrusting, too, short, hard, focused movements of his hips that kept his sex firmly jammed into mine. Taken together, the squirmy in-and-out push and wiggle of their penises had me in a frenzy of lust. I wanted more, more, more.

In a voice I hardly recognized as my own, I whined, “Oh, yes, that’s it! Work it! Work those dicks!”

Servicing two men at once, having both their pricks shoving into me, was far more thrilling than any fantasy I’d ever constructed. It was such a dark, stormy, wild-eyed thrill, with all three of us grinding away, locked together and struggling for release. Crouched over, gritting my teeth and whimpering in delight, I felt gloriously sexy and indignant as all sorts of emotions skittered around inside me as my two openings were probed.

“More!” I shrieked. “Oh, God, give me more!”

From somewhere down below, I sensed the beginnings of what felt like a huge orgasm welling. As Scott and Tony continued to thrust their pricks into both my openings, I reached down and touched my clitoris, thinking back to my favorite masturbation fantasies. However, this was better than any fantasy I’d ever had, and as soon as my finger made contact with my clitoris I cried out, sparks rushing through me in a blinding flash. My body bucked hard, caught between the two guys, and set off a chain reaction as they both emptied their pent-up sperm into my ready body.

We collapsed into a tangled heap of arms and legs as we struggled to catch our breath. As their softening cocks slowly slid out of me, I snuggled into Tony’s strong arms as Scott lightly massaged my shoulders. A bit calmer now, I noticed the film of sweat and come and KY jelly that was covering our bodies and suggested a shower to my partners. They both readily agreed, and it was with wobbly legs that I made my way to the bathroom, supported by my two studs.

Luckily, my apartment has an extra-large shower, because it gave me the opportunity to get extra clean. There was room enough for all of us, and as Tony soaped my back, Scott took care of the front, paying special attention to my breasts and pussy. I was surprised to discover that I was getting aroused again, and from the hardness poking into the small of my back, I could tell that Tony was as well. As Scott swiped my cunt with the soapy washcloth I let out a moan, revealing my excitement. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, then knelt down before me, trading the washcloth for his tongue.

With Scott tenderly lapping at my cunt, my knees started to weaken once again. Luckily, Tony was behind me, keeping me stable in his strong arms, his insistent hard-on reminding me of its presence. Holding onto Scott’s shoulder to steady myself, I reached back and grasped Tony’s firm cock, gently pumping it with my fist. This time the action was more mellow, allowing our orgasms to build slowly and gradually, in contrast to our previous frantic lovemaking session.

Scott concentrated his movements on my clit, and soon I could feel a tingling in my toes that gradually began to crawl up my legs. As it made its way toward my pussy I tightened my grip on Tony’s cock and pumped harder, as though his loudening moans could call up my impending orgasm. This seemed to work, and I cried out as I ground my pussy into Scott’s face and sank my fingertips into his pliant shoulder. Soon I felt my back and thighs being splashed with jets of Tony’s cum as he followed suit. Not wanting to leave anyone out, I quickly pulled Scott to his feet and soaped up his erect penis, and after a few moments of working it with my tightened hand, he came as well, splattering my slick breasts with his warm seed. We all laughed as he jokingly complained about having to wash me all over again, then we rinsed off our soapy bodies and finally dried ourselves with large, plush towels.

By this point we were all thoroughly exhausted, so we made our way back to my bedroom. Curled in each other’s arms on my large mattress, we easily drifted off to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, wedged between my two handsome lovers, I remembered my many nights of fantasizing about what I had just spent the night doing. This may never happen again, I thought, smiling to myself, but from now on, my fantasies are going to be twice as nice.

~Amy, Atlanta