Power Couples

powercouple2Power couple. The term conjures of images of attractive people who essentially rule their surroundings. Defined as a popular or wealthy pairing that intrigues and fascinates those around them in an intense or even obsessive fashion, power couples have always been part of our social fabric. From high school to high society, they are the ones who set trends and break hearts.

Are you one half of a power couple? Sociologist Angela Neeson offers up signs from her upcoming book Local Royalty: Modern Power Couples and their Social Impact.

Driven by Success

Power couples are successful in their careers – or well on their way to being so. Your professions demand respect and carry a fair amount of influence. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doctors, lawyers or politicians. You can be small business owners – perhaps owning a popular bar in town. Artists, teachers and IT professionals also qualify.

“The point is,” Nelson explains, “your services are in demand and business is good.”

You Can’t Marry Him/Her, I FORBID It!

The start of a power couple relationship is either met with strong opposition or gushing approval by friends and family. Did the people you’re closest to warn you about him or even threaten to disown you if you married him? Or did they seem too happy when the engagement was announced?  Their feelings may have been motivated by jealousy and fear or glee from the prospect of gaining power themselves from the union.

“When parental approval is lacking, our first instinct is to assume they believe he isn’t good enough for us.” says Dr. Neeson. “But mothers and fathers can also be jealous of the relationship for a variety of reasons, one being that you’ve become independent enough to be out of their shadow and that you’re on a course to be more successful than they are.”

“Likewise, friends often envy the life they sense you’re about to embark on.”

They Must Spend Hours in the Gym!

Power Couples have above average looks or give the impression they do. Though not exactly supermodels, both of you turn heads when you walk into a room. You both are healthy and fashion conscience, find time to work out and carry yourselves with confidence and swagger.

“It might seem shallow and superficial,” Neeson says, “But even in our politically correct world, we’re still very much judged by how physically attractive we are. Power couples instinctively know this and they take measures to ensure they make the grade in the looks department.”

I’d Totally Do You!

His friends are dying to sink their cocks into you. Your friends want to wrap their lips around his cock!  Power, popularity and beauty are very seductive. The same feelings that influence the adoration we feel for movie stars and musicians are felt by those around power couples. You’re both aware of being undressed by the eyes around you because getting one (or both) of you into bed is their chance to touch greatness and maybe have a little bit rub off on them!

Advice for the Power Couple

Dr. Neeson writes that often the drive to be financially and professionally successful brings a lot of stress into a marriage.

“Take time off to be with each other and to enjoy the fruits of your labor,” she advises. “What good is having all this – the house, the cars, the friends and each other – if you can’t enjoy it?”

“Ignore the naysayers. The two of you know you’re right for each other and that’s all that matters.”

“Continue taking care of yourselves. Again, we live in a superficial world and there’s nothing we can do about that. But you can take advantage of it.”

“Sometimes the allure of others who are constantly flattering you can be overwhelming. Your looks, social status and career gives you your pick of men so discreet flings are easily attainable. If the urge proves too potent, make an arrangement with your partner to take lovers when the opportunities present themselves.”

“Variety in sexual partners has always been a  benefit of the powerful,” says Neeson. “It may sound cliche, but afternoon trysts with the pool boy is not only a sexy diversion but research shows it could strengthen you marriage and confidence.”

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