Pop star Sheon Arrested While Shooting Music Video

What do pop singers Sheon and Ke$ha have in common? Other than some really hot tunes, they’ve both illegally trespassed to further their musical careers.

Of course, by now you now the story of how Ke$ha slipped into Prince’s house to drop off a demo CD. Luckily for her, she wasn’t arrested. SHEON wasn’t so fortunate. While filming the music video for here 2nd single release, Second Base, from the album Xotica, the sultry pop star was busted for using a church without permission.

“We tried to get a permit, but the process was delayed and we were under a very tight deadline, so we just tried to sneak it in,” giggled SHEON, originally from Serbia. SHEON, who was living in Minnesota temporarily, while finishing college, was told by church security to leave the premises of The Basilica of Saint Mary, in Minneapolis. “So we packed our stuff and left, but we needed to shoot one more scene…. so we decided to come back about 90 minutes later,” stated SHEON. But so did the police, who asked the director if he had a permit to film on the church grounds. When he said, “No,” he was asked to turn around and was in the process of being handcuffed and arrested. SHEON ran towards the police to find out what was going on. But witnesses at the scene, who wished to remain anonymous, said the Pop Artist got a little “testy” with the officers and tried to stop them from arresting her director, and was then also arrested on the scene.


Her Personal Manager, music collaborator, and co-owner of her new music entertainment label, Law Of Vision Entertainment, Jake B. Nimble, was able to bail her and her director out of jail within hours. When approached by paparazzi after her release, Nimble stepped in to say, “We have no comment at this time, other than to say that SHEON will NOT be finishing her music video here in Minneapolis,” which brought laughter from the crowd.

“My art is the most important thing to me. I HAVE to bring my vision to life. I needed the exterior of a church and what better church in Minneapolis than that one. This whole incident will probably delay the release of my Second Base music video, but it was all worth it to me,” stated SHEON whose single, Second Base, will be available for digital download from iTunes on September 24th.


SHEON’s first single Hit It (Like a Pro) was reviewed by Scandalouswomen here. Visit her online here.



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